UFC: Why Brock Lesnar's Return Doesn't Exactly Excite Me

RiZESenior Writer INovember 4, 2010

After UFC 121, when Cain Velásquez pounded Brock Lesnar's skull in, The Undertaker was being interviewed when Lesnar walked by. The simple words, "You wanna do it?" sparked rumors of a match between the two at Wrestlemania 27.

For the past two weeks, besides Linda McMahon's campaign, it has been the most talked about subject on the B/R. Despite the fact that the match will never happen.

Dana White has stated numerous times that Brock is under UFC contract. He cannot compete physically for the WWE. That should have been the nail in the coffin for all of the buzz surrounding Lesnar, but sadly it wasn't. Some continued to create slide shows, and post articles on their opinions of Brock's return.

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While personally, I don't care to see Lesnar return to the WWE. Honestly, I tried, but could not get excited for the return of a guy who only worked for WWE two years. Watching Lesnar return and dominate the WWE or world title picture would be like John Cena all over again.

Difference is, Cena never left WWE. He stayed and deserved every reign he received. Even though some of them were indeed un-entertaining. Back to Lesnar. Even if somehow 'Taker vs Brock were to happen at Wrestlemania 27, would you wanna see it?

I certainly wouldn't.

Undertaker isn't as good as he use to be. Being 45 years old will do that to you. I know some of you may argue that he's still solid, and yeah, maybe. But look at his last three matches with Kane. 'Taker's injuries are becoming more and more frequent.

One more problem I have with the WM match.

We all know 'Taker is close to his retirement. Maybe he decided Brock should be the one to end the streak...Honestly. Brock doesn't deserve the honor. They wouldn't let HBK end the Streak, who is Brock Lesnar to end it?

Thought so.

Don't get me wrong. Brock would be a major draw for the WWE. I just don't see Lesnar returning to lose a match. 

For some of you who don't know, the incident wasn't even planned the way it happened. WWE actually thought Lesnar would beat Cain. 'Taker watched the match backstage. WWE planned it to take place during the usual press conference.

Media and cameras. More publicity for the WWE. But Brock's loss nixed those plans as he didn't attend the conference. WWE just got lucky when camera's were rolling when 'Taker spoke with Brock.

But they received buzz nonetheless. 

Face it, Brock's not returning to the WWE. There's even talk of his next fight. He wants to take on Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson.