Kurt Warner Should Win the Arizona Cardinals' Starting Job

John TylerContributor IAugust 25, 2008

Was there ever a doubt as to who would get this job?

Kurt Warner was the obvious choice for the starting position. The only real question is: Why was there a competition for the starting position in the first place? 

This job should have been Kurt’s from the first day of training camp. But it seems like everybody in the Arizona organization is trying to give the job to Leinart.

And the same goes for the so called “experts” on ESPN, because this is the third-straight year they've tried to hype up Matt Leinart, “This is going to be his year,” and, “He’s made a lot of huge improvements over the offseason.” But when Week One comes, it's always the same old Leinart.

It’s time to be brutally honest for a moment. For all you Matt Leinart lovers out there, this is the point when you should turn away...


He could possibly be the worst QB in the NFL; he'd at least be in the conversation. Ever since he came into the league, people have fallen in love with his movie-star appearance and all of his endorsements. 

The Cardinals feel that, if he is an average quarterback, he will be a huge marking tool for them and the NFL (he has been well below average and they still try to market him like Tom Brady).

Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart’s names should never appear in the same sentence (except for this one). Warner has been a two-time league MVP and a Super Bowl MVP.  Winning both in the same seasons has only been done by Steve Young, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and Bart Starr.

Matt Leinart’s name should appear with a different list of names. Such as Alex Smith, Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Ty Detmer, and, of course, Todd Marinovich. Coming soon to this exclusive list: Vince Young. 

There is no comparison between the two. Warner has the edge on this “competition” with his 139 touchdowns and more than 21,000 yards. And I don’t think Matt is going to catch up anytime soon.

Kurt Warner is a perfect fit for the Arizona Cardinals. They are loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball, and they need a quarterback that knows how to utilize all of these weapons.

I don’t understand why they need Matt Leinart to be the face of the franchise when they already have Edgerrin James, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald. What they need is a quarterback that knows how to play his position.

What Kurt Warner was able to accomplish over the last eight games of the season was amazing. He was among the top quarterbacks in productivity and led his team to five wins. That alone should’ve won him the starting job this season.

Perhaps Arizona feels that they have too much invested in Matt Leinart, and they want to plan for the future, which makes no sense at all. The NFL is a win-NOW league, and Kurt Warner gives you the best chance to win, so he should be the starter...END OF STORY!

I really hope the Arizona Cardinals give Kurt a fair shot this season and don’t try and bench him if they start off 2-3, because I guarantee a 2-14 season if Leinart is the one to replace him.