NFL Week 9 Storyline: Possible Randy Moss Landing Spots and Fantasy Implications

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent INovember 3, 2010

The controversal soap opera known as Randy Moss has taken another unexpected turn after his Minnesota waiving. Now where does he land and what potential fantasy implications are there?
The controversal soap opera known as Randy Moss has taken another unexpected turn after his Minnesota waiving. Now where does he land and what potential fantasy implications are there?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Early Week 9 headlines have been dominated by Randy Moss.

You know, the knucklehead that recorded just one catch against his old team Sunday before running his mouth just enough to be banished from Purple Nation.

Before the antics, I was ready to drop him to my fantasy bench in my main dynasty league. The waiving process by the Vikings only drove the point home more.

Except, there is a chance Moss rises from this mess with a shred of fantasy dignity. That’s because he will likely wind up on another NFL team, as early as today.

And where he winds up could dictate whether or not he has value the rest of the season. Some of the interested teams and potential fantasy implications include:

St. Louis Rams: Have expressed interest in bringing in a proven WR1 to complement young QB Sam Bradford. The Rams are still in the thick of a potential playoff run.

If he lands here, it is hard not to think of how successful Mark Clayton was in a short amount of time in the offense. This would be a good landing spot for Moss from a fantasy standpoint.

Seattle Seahawks: Made major plays for Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson and continue to lack proven playmakers. Pete Carroll seems to revel in working with troubled NFL players (see Marshawn Lynch).

However, it is hard to get excited about Moss in Seattle where Matt Hasselbeck is the primary deliverer of goods. Not that Moss couldn’t have some big games in this offense, but I’m just not buying it.

Oakland Raiders: Definitely still in the playoff hunt, the Raiders won’t likely want to revisit the misery they experience when Moss was on the team before.

The offense is better now than it was then, but not enough to elicit great fantasy numbers for Moss.

Buffalo Bills: In serious need of more playmakers from Day 1 this year, the Bills would seem like a logical landing spot.

The success of Steve Johnson would suggest that Moss could also find success here, but there’s more to this than plugging a player in and expecting similar numbers. Chemistry is a major part, and Moss is quick to give up when not winning.

Miami Dolphins: Not sure why so many think the Dolphins will bite here. Brandon Marshall hasn’t played up to expectations, but he still is a major receiving threat. Davone Bess has been very consistent in PPR production.

Chad Henne can deliver the goods, but the Dolphins remain a run-first offense that can’t get its running game going as well as it would like.

Philadelphia Eagles: The team has endured a lot of drama in the recent past, with Terrell Owens imploding, Donovan McNabb getting shipped out of town, public enemy No. 1 Michael Vick working his way up the ranks to starting QB, etc.

It is hard for me to think they’ll want to take on another potential soap opera situation. If he does wind up in Eaglestown, one would like his chances to produce with DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin keeping defenses honest.

Tennessee Titans: Losing Kenny Britt hurts the passing game, so the Titans could be quick to jump into the Randy Moss lottery.

However, I’m still not buying Vince Young as a QB who can help receivers produce consistently solid fantasy numbers.

New England Patriots: Where Moss wants to go; did you see him laying on the charm by suggesting in national media that Belichick is the best NFL coach ever and that he has a ton of respect for the Patriots.

However, he failed to produce solid numbers here earlier this season and he’d have to fall past every other team in waivers to make it to the Patriots.


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