WWE: Is It the Second Coming of the Attitude Era?

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIINovember 3, 2010

Now obviously people are basically debating wether or not the PG era will end because of Linda McMahon failing to achieve  the goal of becoming an US senator in the state of Connecticut.  Now the majority say the PG era was started just to help Linda with her campaign while others like myself believe he PG era was started to shift demographics towards kids to increase in profits and to improve the company overall image.

Now the reason why the PG era may never be resolved but there are strong indications that the WWE may drop the PG image in order to please all demographics while trying to to stay family friendly while still pleasing adult fans.

What I have for evidence of a shift in the PG philosophy is what happened after the 11/1/10 edition of Raw went off the air. 

The after-show dark match was a triple threat match for the WWE title belt with the challengers being  Wade Barrett and Sheamus. During the match Randy Orton gave Wade the middle finger before throwing him out of the ring. Of course Randy won the match by giving Wade the RKO.

Obviously Randy Orton giving Wade the finger is not very PG and consider the fact that whenever Austin makes a special appearance during the PG era he would climb the turnbuckle and raise his fists but he didn't flip the crowd as he was not allowed to. With all that in mind it is possible that the WWE is testing  the waters to see if they can have the best of both worlds by pleasing everyone.

Also the taped segment involving Vince waking up from his coma was teeter tattering back and forth from being PG and not being so PG.

I do NOT want to jump to conclusions and assume that the Attitude Era emerge from it's ashes like a phoenix as this is all speculations and for all we know the WWE may just be testing the waters to see if they can be edgier while still being a family product. 

The best approach for us all is just to do the wait and see as due to recent events of Linda Senate run failing and low Raw ratings as there a chance that indeed the PG rating may change to appease all demographics or it will just remain as it is.