Mexico-Puerto Rico War Continues with Rafael Marquez vs. Juan Manuel Lopez

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer INovember 3, 2010

The never ending war between Mexico and Puerto Rico continues with this Saturday's highly anticipated feather weight title fight between Rafael Marquez and Juan Manuel Lopez.

It is common knowledge that Mexico and Puerto Rico feud in an enormous ongoing rivalry when it comes to sports and bragging rights.

Probably the two biggest sports that these two clash in the most are in soccer and boxing.

Boxing has some of the biggest super stars of both Mexican and Puerto Rican descent such as Julio Caesar Chavez, Wilfredo Gomez, Oscar De La Hoya and Tito Trinidad just to name a few.

In more recent times, we had one of the biggest rivalry fights in a very long time when the undefeated Puerto Rican welter weight champion took on the most feared Mexican boxer at the time—Antonio Margarito.

Margarito ended up stopping Cotto, and ever since, many of the Mexican fans have been using this fight as the foundation for their bragging rights against Puerto Rico.

However, with the after math of Margarito's handwrap scandal, many now consider the win over Cotto to have a big question mark over it.

Because of such an intense rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico whenever two big name fighters of these ethnic backgrounds fight, it can almost be guaranteed to be a big success number wise, action wise and drama wise. The fight, the crowd and the fans almost never lose when they fight.

This weekend will be no different. Rafael Marquez 39(35)-5 from Mexico may be best known for his four legendary brutal fights with Israel Vazquez or some may know him better as the great Juan Manuel Marquez's younger more aggressive little brother.

Saturday Rafael will be fighting another Juan Manuel who is of course Puerto Rican, who has the last name of Lopez and who is undefeated with an impressive record of: 29(26)-0.

Lopez is one of the hottest fast rising stars in boxing right now with heavy hands and one of the highest current knock out percentages in the game. He is the significantly younger more prime fighter of the two.

Marquez on the other hand has been in so many wars at the age of 35 you would wonder if he walks with a cane. His fights with Vazquez have been awarded fight of the year mostly due to the non-stop brutal, violent action and punishment that both fighters kept providing to the fans for the entire fight.

If Marquez would have met Lopez seven years ago, this fight would definitely be favoring the Mexican warrior by a large margin.

Marquez will be the biggest name on Juan's resume so far, and he will be the best boxer he has ever met in the ring. But again, it is now 2010, and Rafael is, not only 35, he is a grandpa 35 who served in way too many tours.

This Saturday night expect in the end for Juan Manuel Marquez to have his hand raised high and to give the thousands of Puerto Ricans in attendance enough bragging rights to boast until the next big Mexico vs. Puerto Rican fight comes around.

This fight will be great for any fight fan, even if you are not of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent. It will be all action, all heart and all for the glory of bragging rights.

I was at the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto fight last year in Las Vegas, and I met so many passionate Puerto Rican fans who were just really cool down to earth fight fans.

Also of course we cannot forget the beautiful Puerto Rican women who come out in full force to support their fighters. It makes any man want to come out to the fight as well wink.

I wish Puerto Rico was closer to the West Coast where I reside, but it obviously is not that close so all we can look forward to is when the big Puerto Rican fighters fight in Las Vegas or hopefully in California more and more so all of our east coast fans can come out and enjoy the fights with us.

Should Lopez win in impressive fashion against Marquez, he will further solidify his ever fast climb up the super star ladder in boxing and inevitably set up the super fight with Cuban power house Yuriorkis Gamboa a fight that can win over any casual fan. 


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