For the Chicago Bears, Is Love All They Need?

An'dre TriplettCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Bears Nation is in need of some TLC right now!

The team is 0-3 in their preseason campaign so far, and things are not going quite as expected. Chris Williams and Jerry Angelo have some type of "he said"/"he said" thing going on, and fans of the team everywhere are calling for Rex, Jerry Angelo, and in a few cases, Lovie Smith's job.

I'd like to write a prescription for all card-carrying members of Bears Nation to take 200cc of LOVE and wait until the end of this season before releasing their venom on the front office. 

I would like to say some choice things about the team's front office, but I'm going to refrain until the end of this season to see what type of magic can be worked. I'm still a believer in Lovie, as he has been able to keep the ship afloat with players that the scouts and front office personnel have determined will fit the scheme. 

Now, I don't know what scheme this is, but the team has yet to establish an offensive identity. When Rex Grossman is the starting QB, the game plan is...? I still haven't figured that out. Now that Kyle Orton has been named opening-day starter, the identity will be...? Bears fans everywhere hold their collective breaths.

The one thing—and the first building block of the LOVE pyramid—to be thankful for is the defense. They didn't look good against the 49ers, but there is still room for hope. This is a defense that can, and should, be dominant this season. 

There aren't many defenses like the Bears, which have depth at the defensive linemen positions, a linebacking group that is a top-five unit, and a Pro Bowl corner to boot. Also, some defensive players have been paid this past offseason (Urlacher/Harris), which helps alleviate frustration, since money has been know to make an athlete happy.

I know Bears fans aren't the most forgiving, but I implore all of us to hold off a little longer, at least until the end of the season, before we start dumping on any and everyone having to do with the front office and the coaching staff. 

Once this season has ended, and we see the fruits of the team's labors, then and only then should we aim our vitriol at the suits. The Beatles said it and it still rings true, "LOVE is all we need!"

Ron Tuner, should the season go badly, is first on my list, so leave him to me for roasting, if you will. 

I'll be watching and giving the team my full support this season, and I know you all will be as well. 

It's hard to wait to roast Lovie, Ron Turner, and Angelo, as we all want to. It would be so easy to rip these guys for all the mistakes they've made, in our opinions, but let's all wait, give the team our never-ending support, and see what happens.

LOVE may be just what they've been missing all along. This is just one optimist's opinion. What do you think Bears Nation?