Ferrari: Plagued By Bad Luck in Valencia

Adam PooleAnalyst IAugust 25, 2008

Europe had plenty in store for every team this weekend with it being a new circuit, however, Ferrari didn't expect what they had coming their way on Sunday, as both drivers had major pit drama, and Raikkonen retired.

Ferrari's constructor championship lead was bought back down into single figures this weekend when Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari engine blew up on him on lap 46 of the European Grand Prix.

Speculation has arisen that it is down to the same cause of Massa's problems in Hungary; however, nothing official has yet been released.

Add to this a shockingly close shave between Massa and Force India's Sutil in the pit lane and things are starting to look worse for Ferrari.

Massa was released from the pits in an unsafe manner and managed to just miss colliding into Sutil before he slowed so as to avoid any accident, allowing the Force India to leave the pits.

Things continued to crumble in the Ferrari garage on lap 37 when Kimi Raikkonen made his second stop of the afternoon, however, upon leaving the garage stand, he set of a little early dragging the fuel hose and fuel mechanic with him. 

He did stop almost immediately, but not without giving engineer Pietro Timpini a swift kick from the right-rear tire of the car which in turn bought him tumbling to the ground.

Several journalists tried to get a statement out of Kimi when he retired on lap 46, just 11 laps from the end, however he wouldn't release any information as to how the incident occurred. 

Hours later he did tell the Formula One website, "I made a mistake and left before I should have done," when asked about Pietro his reply was, "Fortunately, Pietro is not too badly hurt. I wish him all the best and hope he gets better soon."

So mixed fortunes at Ferrari this weekend.  Massa was allowed to keep his win and add valuable points to his, and Ferrari's, championship efforts.

However, Massa received a 10,000-Euro fine, and along with the engine problems of his team mate, Ferrari will be thinking deeply about the race in two weeks.

The sporting director at Ferrari, Luca Baldisserri, commented on the ups and downs of the weekend by saying, "We have a great potential, from both the team and the car, capable of putting us in front of everyone else, but if not all elements are operating at their optimum, then we are throwing away precious points that could cost us dearly.

"We must work to remedy these problems and that's what we will do starting in the days that follow," he added.

Ferrari stays ahead of McLaren in the constructor's championship with 121 points, just eight ahead of McLaren.  I believe that Ferrari have some work to do over the next two weeks, and McLaren will be looking to see if they can take advantage of Ferrari's current bad luck.