"Felipe Massa Is F1 WDC" Do You Like the Statement? I Bloody Well Don't!

Prasenjit DasCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

Well, yes, my question is DO you like it like that? Do you think that Ferrari should put all its might behind Felipe and push him hard at Spa?

Instead of Kimi? Well by the time I am waiting for a response from my fellow Bleacher Creatures... I may well provide you with my point of view...

I feel obliged to recap what Massa has done in his F1 career till date. Felipe joined F1 in Sauber in 2002 with Nick Heidfield. In his rookie season, he scored four points in one fifth-place finish. He lost his place at Sauber in 2003 as Frentzen was to pair up with Nick.

From this year, starts the relationship between him and the "REDZ," when he spent a lot of time in their garage as Ferrari used to supply engines to Sauber.

In 2004 he rejoins Sauber. Score 14 points. Best Result: fourth place at Spa.

In 2005, Massa remained with Sauber. Although he only scored 11 points, Massa outpaced his teammate Jacques Villeneuve through most of the season, and beat him in the drivers' championship.

In 2006, Massa re-joined Ferrari as a race driver, alongside Michael Schumacher.

2006- Score: 80.(3rd)

Best Result: Turkish win from pole position and home Brazil GP win again from pole!


Key points:

Aussie GP: 10 place penalty for engine change. Massa's problems continued in Malaysia, where despite qualifying on pole position, the McLarens of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton overtook him at turn one (so pole is also not his surest means to success).

His season subsequently improved, as he won the Grands Prix of Bahrain and Spain, both from pole position (Ain't it getting a bit monotonous?...it sure is), and finished third in Monaco.

The race stewards at the Canadian Grand Prix disqualified Massa for leaving the pit lane while the red light was showing (starting to look for similarities?). He won 2007 Turkish GP, and guess what...this one again from POLE!

We all know what happened this year. Bahrain seems to be the rarest of occasions (the only one I think!...correct me if it is not so) when he won the race after not getting pole, but anyways started from 2nd and got past Kubica on Lap 1.

And don't tell about Magny-Cours! Massa is a man who needs the track to himself. He can qualify well and if he gets a pole he wins it, otherwise it generally takes a mishap on the part of the person in front of him so that he gets the lead position.

In terms of overtaking or preventing others from overtaking him...well, see the recording of Hockenheim!

Kimi Raikkonen is any day a better driver than Massa in any situation and has brought home a WDC for the Fezza team but still comments like "Ferrari's bid for WDC will crystallize behind Massa" flow around.

After such an end to the 2007 season, I really looked forward to see a teeth-to-teeth battle between Lewis and Kimi, and I do not like what I see. I am a McLaren fan(atic) and would surely love to see Lewis be WDC, but Massa? What's your point, fellas?

A WDC means people, even though not supporting you, should say "Well done, mate" after the season. Has Massa shown any such brilliance?

People say Lewis got lucky to get a seat at McLaren as a rookie... but then put Massa in a Toro Rosso and ask him to finish in the top 10 every time...I bet he would not be able to it.

He is not World Champion material. His being WDC will be like Keke Rosberg's 1982 title.

Waiting for your feedback!