2008 Fantasy Football Sleepers and Value Picks Volume 4

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst IAugust 24, 2008

With the preseason dress rehearsals in the books we are less than two weeks away from opening day. Hell yeah!

This week the list is a little smaller but the value is just as big. So, whether you have drafted already or are still prepping for it, todays players should be very useful in your quest for that title.

Running Back

Steve Slaton RB (HOU) - Not sure he is a sleeper at this point - since his name is beginning to pop up everywhere - but he should still have some value with serious upside. Why? Because he has been looking great in preseason and is starting to get noticed by the coaching staff and fantasy ballers (he was taken earlier than I expected in both of my drafts). Check out his preseason stats. Not bad aye?

Also, one thing often overlooked by you average fantasy players, he is a good blocker which is usually an important part of staying on the field “often” when you are a rookie - especially on a high powered passing offense. He is looking like a good candidate for a starter and his value is rising but you should be able to grab in for some great value.

Wide Receiver

Domenik Hixon WR (NYG) - Although you and I need to see more of him when Burress and Toomer are lining up with him, Domenik is looking like could be a solid contributer for the G-men.

Injuries to most of the Giants receivers gave him opportunities with the first team and he has make the most of it. He went 4 for 63 and two touchdowns versus Cleveland and then posted 3 for 51 against the Jets.

Tight end

Anthony Fasano TE (MIA) - Could he be developing as one of Pennington’s main targets? Hard to say with only a few weeks of work together but he did post 3 for 30 with a TD against the Chiefs.

Also, keep in mind that HC Sparano was the tight end coach for a Mr. Jason Witten for the last few years. I am not sure how much you can look into that but experience developing Pro Bowl tight ends sure can’t hurt Fasano’s value.


Carolina D - I didn’t hunt down a ton of stat’s to back this up and my insight isn’t going to wow you but I’ll call this one a gut feeling. Carolina is a defense for you to watch.

Julius Peppers alone appears to be regaining his form; 3 Tackles, a sack. a forced fumble and fumble recoveries in his third preseason game (2-3 points by himself in less than a half of action). Paying more attention to him should open up opportunities for everyone else.

Overall I watched them manhandled a very solid Redskins o-line. This defense is a huge value when you consider they aren’t even getting drafted in most leagues.

So do you agree or disagree?

Or did I miss anyone? As always, feel free to offer up your opinion in the comments below.

Well thats all I’ve got this week. Make sure that you check out 2008 fantasy football sleepers and value picks volume 1, volume 2 and volume 3 if you haven’t had the chance. See you next week for - are you ready - week 1 start’em and sit’em. Now isn’t that just music to your ears?


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