WWE Survivor Series: What Will Cena Do? Options for the Free or Fire Match

Antelope SpartanContributor INovember 2, 2010

WWE Survivor Series: What Will Cena Do? Options for the Free or Fire Match

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    It’s one of the most intriguing storylines for a while in the WWE, and how they will play this one out is the subject of much speculation.


    Basically, if Wade Barrett becomes WWE Champion at Survivor Series then John Cena is free of the Nexus. However, if Randy Orton retains his title then John Cena is fired from the WWE.


    I believe that the WWE has a number of options at its disposal.

1. Wade Barrett Wins the WWE Title and Cena Turns Heel

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    This is my own personal preference for the outcome of this match. Yesterday's Raw showed that Cena is impartial and followed the rules completely. This convinces me that Cena will turn heel at the Survivor Series.


    I have been harking on about Cena turning heel ever since I joined The Bleacher Report. I just think it will open up a whole new dimension for Cena to explore and would make for some excellent TV in the coming weeks. I also think it would inadvertently promote the likes of John Morrison and Daniel Bryan to challenge Cena, before the inevitable Cena-Orton encounter at Wrestlemania.


    There are rumours on the internet that there is new entrance theme music for John Cena. This doesn’t interest me, as I’ll listen to it when it is first played on WWE TV. But all the signs point towards a heel turn.


    It appears that the WWE will continue to have Cena portrayed as a fair referee who will call it down the middle. Therefore, I see The Nexus becoming involved in the main event at Survivor Series taking out Orton.


    This will lead Cena with a big choice, does he disqualify Barrett and get fired? Seemingly at odds with himself, Cena makes the count, only to celebrate with Barrett and show no signs of remorse.


    The following night on Raw will be the big reveal that Cena has been in with Nexus for a long time now, turns on the fans, etc.

2. Clean win by Barrett

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    This option is literally ruled out. My first article on The Bleacher Report concentrated on Wade Barrett and the opportunity he has in becoming a WWE Champion. I think he has it in him one day, but the more the weeks roll by, the less I see it happening any time soon.


    It would be quite refreshing if Cena actually allowed Barrett and Orton to face off against each other and let the best man win. This would involve Cena fighting off the Nexus and eventually counting the 1-2-3 for Barrett to win.


    Cena would be out of the Nexus and would be able to carry on with his babyface routine. I sincerely hope that by the end of Survivor Series, we are not seeing Cena celebrating over the beaten body of Barrett. In my eyes, he has to turn heel.

3. Randy Orton wins the WWE Title without Cena’s help

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    It’s highly likely that Cena will spend a lot of his time fighting in the match, rather than officiating. It won’t be long until Orton becomes frustrated with Cena and resorts to violence. Likewise, I see there being physical altercations with Barrett.


    So, why doesn’t Orton use his head?


    If Orton manages to get the opportunity, he should take Cena out of the equation. If he can put him through the announce table or use something to knock him out, then another official will be required.


    I’m not sure how this would affect the Cena situation, no doubt Barrett would be looking to fire Cena. But, in Orton’s eyes, he would be retaining his championship and not give a damn about Cena. Little credit has been giving to Barrett as a legitimate threat to Orton in the ring, they are building up the match as if Barrett can only defeat him with underhanded tactics


    Though, with Orton’s mathematical skills, I think we should rule this option out. Who are the seven guys that Barrett stands behind? Slater, Gabriel, McGillicutty, Harris, Otunga & Cena equates to six Randy, six.

4. Randy Orton wins the WWE Title with Cena’s help

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    This is the one that would cause most emotion towards the end of the encounter for Cena and the crowd. I think its important that Orton retains the title in this situation, as I really don’t think the Nexus need the title, there is going to be enough for them to be getting on with after Survivor Series. We also need someone to hold onto the championship for a while.


    If Cena decides to help Orton to the victory, then he is fired. I don’t think we should automatically rule out Cena getting fired in this situation. Obviously he wouldn’t be actually fired from the company, just in storylines.


    How would he return? They wouldn’t want to keep Cena off TV for long at all, so the best way would be to reveal the anonymous GM and his/her first act could be to reinstate John Cena on the roster. This would keep Cena face and would just have us back at square one with Cena vowing to end the Nexus one by one.


    This wouldn't be an ideal situation, though it would bring to an end the anonymous GM storyline.

5. David Otunga Leaves The Nexus

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    We have all witnessed the signs of rebellion in Otunga since Cena became a member of the Nexus. Otunga first offered himself as someone to talk to if things got too much for him, then Otunga was forced to forfeit the tag team titles he’d only won the night before and finally he is now stating that he is the most talented member of the Nexus.


    It’s laughable really that someone with such limited in-ring skills is a crucial part of the big main event match at the Survivor Series. But, you have to applaud the WWE for the way they have handled Otunga and the Nexus. Otunga has been protected from revealing his flaws brilliantly. He is never going to be the best wrestler in the world, but he has the look, can talk and has a celebrity wife. I actually like the way he’s been used currently to be honest.


    Otunga now has the same sort of options as Cena. He can either prove his loyalty to the Nexus cause by coming to the help of Barrett and helping him become champion with the other Nexus members. Or, he can get involved in the match and take Barrett out.


    If Otunga does take Barrett out, then he is immediately out of Nexus. This would concern me as I do think they should retain as many original members as possible. Also, it would leave Otunga open to a battering by the rest of the Nexus. Therefore, Otunga would need back-up, perhaps from Darren Young, Michael Tarver & R-Truth? The beginnings of a new mid-card stable feud with Otunga’s guys against Barrett’s Nexus.


    The best outcome for this scenario is that Orton remains champion and Nexus have new opponents to face. The only anomaly would be Cena, in this instance he is making the three count and is fired. Again, you would need a loophole in the Nexus-Cena contract or the GM to get involved.


    Another way for this to play out is Otunga still comes down to try and aid Orton, thus leaving the Nexus. However, the other members of Nexus come down to start battling with Otunga and his mates. Cena would get excited and encourage Otunga, as they fight away from the squared circle.


    This leaves Cena in the ring to make his shocking heel turn by helping Barrett become champion and celebrate together.

6. The Miz wins the WWE Title

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    I know that when the stipulation for Survivor Series was first announced, a lot of people expected The Miz to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.


    Personally, I’m not sure. I think it would be slightly messy and there is enough on the line as it is without The Miz getting involved.


    However, it is not clear how they are booking The Miz in the lead-up to Survivor Series. At the moment, I couldn’t suggest who The Miz will be facing off against. I would hope that on the occasion he does eventually cashes it in, he would already be on the card against someone else. Though, if he isn’t on the Survivor Series card, then it would suggest that the briefcase is ready to be cashed.


    I don’t really know how they would work The Miz cashing the briefcase in. He won’t cash it on Orton, because if Randy wins, then they’ll play out the reactions of him and Cena at the end. Though if Barrett does win the title, then Cena would definitely unleash hell on him. This would be an ideal opportunity for The Miz to run in and steal the WWE Title.


    This would be horrible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive Miz fan and am looking forward to him becoming the champion one day. But, you can’t have Barrett win the title and then lose it immediately. It would make him look like a joke, it’d also make a mockery out of the Nexus if they allowed that situation to happen.


    I’d rather see The Miz begin to interact with the Nexus over time, if Barrett was champion. Think it would be enjoyable to see Miz keep trying to cash it in, only for the entire Nexus stable to prevent him.


    The WWE are dealing with The Miz excellently, they shouldn't spoil it by having him cash it in at Survivor Series. It's unnecessary at this moment in time, I'd still love The Miz to create his Wrestlemania moment by cashing it in and becoming WWE Champion on the grandest stage of them all.

7. Conclusion

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    I think this slideshow proves there are a lot of options available for the WWE, which is good for us. If there is uncertainty in the air, with no-one 100% sure how things will occur, then it can only be positive that we have a lot of questions that need answering!


    Personally, I remain convinced that a Cena heel turn is more important than Randy Orton retaining the WWE Championship. I would like to see Orton have a long run with the strap, but at this moment in time,  I'd be more interested in watching Cena turn heel.


    I’m sure there are a few scenarios I have failed to acknowledge during this slideshow, so would really appreciate any comments, which outcome do you think is most likely?