Showtime's Shobox 360 Is Ripping On Andre Dirrell: Do You Believe Him?

King JSenior Writer INovember 2, 2010

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 17:   Andre Dirrell slips as he defends against Carl Froch during their WBC Super Middleweight fight on October 17, 2009 at Trent FM Arena in Nottingham, England.  (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
John Gichigi/Getty Images

This past weekend I was able to stop by my other condo which actually has the Showtime channel, and I was able to catch the latest episode of Showtime's Shobox 360 which one can say is pretty much the Showtime network's answer to HBO's 24/7.

Of course, the ongoing theme with Shobox 360 has been the now long, drawn-out Super Six Classic tournament that initially had everything going for it but nowadays seems to be more frustrating than a monogamous boyfriend with a celibate Victoria Secret model girlfriend.

Numerous controversies, injuries, cancellations, and resignations of the tournament have transformed this Super Six Classic into a So So lets just skip to the semi finals competition.

Many journalists, and producers of the Showtime network even poked fun at it; one gentleman even said lets put X's over all the fighters on the right hand side of the poster because those are all out of the tournament.

There is a scene of the executive board room discussing what to do now and there is an open chair and one producer even takes a jab at the resigned Dirrell saying this chair was for Dirrell but he is not here today.

We get to hear from the horse's own mouth as to why he pulled out of the tournament. Dirrell states he had to pull out for he could not sleep at night. He stated he was dizzy and has headaches.

The camera man then continues to ask more questions and then Dirrell's grandfather steps in and says he should not answer any further questions without his lawyer present.

The camera man or journalist then explains this is Dirrell's chance to clear his name for all the flack he's been getting from the media and on the Internet.

Then Dirrell's trainer steps in to state we answered all your questions and he explains he would want to still make money but he can not since Dirrell is injured. He said if it was another fighter he would make him fight so he can make money, but since its Direll he would not let that happen.

Dirrell is then asked when was the last time he experienced these symptoms and he says three days ago.

For those of you who have not seen this scene I am describing I will leave it up to you to decide if you believe Dirrell and his team or not. I will say however that the majority of the media has decided to declare Dirrell full of horse manure.

Even several fight forums have been complaining how fake and shady their explanation is for withdrawing from the tournament.

The episode also featured Andre Ward, the undefeated American fighter and current favorite to win the tournament. He was slated to fight Dirrell.

Ward shows he is hungry by stating he will even break into his own training gym after midnight just to train if he feels like it.

By now, most of you know Ward is now taking on Sakio Bika on Nov. 27 in yes, you guessed it, Oakland.

We also see that Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham have quite a bit of bad blood as they exchange smack talk back and forth at their press conference where Abraham's manager seems to handle the smack talk for Team Abraham.

Froch slams Abraham for getting easily outboxed by Dirrell.

We see a training facility that looks like a 1980's cult fortress where Abraham states all he does is train and sleep while he is there.

We of course get to see all of the lovable promoters of these fighters such as Lou Dibella, Gary Shaw, Dan Goossen and company all weigh in on their thoughts on what's going on with the tournament. 

I enjoyed the Shobox 360 series so far however it does lack the higher production budget and quality that HBO's 24/7 has. It also lacks the cooler, emotionally driven music that HBO so brilliantly selects for its various dramatic scenes.

But the biggest thing that Shobox 360 may lack so far is a true boxing super star which is of course the reason for the show in the first place.

So I wish them the best and I hope the champion of the whole tournament is turned into a superstar and not looked down upon because of the various obstacles and withdrawals.

Also, Shobox 360 lacks the cool narrator voice that is Liev Schreiber, a man whose voice is so dorky you got to love it, 'cause it adds such a formal, arrogant presence to the HBO 24/7 series.

But then you find out that this is the actor who played Sabre tooth in the Wolverine film and then you are really like WHOA! WTF?

So for the boxer who is known as the Matrix he is definitely now lost in the Matrix and I am not sure if Neo can save him?