Tribute To The Giants: Other Great Underdog Winners In The WWE/F

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 2, 2010

Tribute To The Giants: Other Great Underdog Winners In The WWE/F

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    The world series is over and the San Fransisco Giants are the Champions. If you would have told me that earlier in the year I would have laughed at you and thrown you off a bridge, but it happened.

    So to honor this underdog win (sorry to all the SF fans but really, compared to every other team in the playoffs, they were) I thought I would take a look back at some matches that I really never would have thought the winner would win.

    So while some of you might say this is stupid I will only try to put on matches that happened when we, well most of us, were kids and didn't know about the "determined" winners.

    Yes, the good old days when we could watch a match and really didn't know who would win,and when they did we were all shocked and excited. You remember them so let's get started.

Razor Ramon Vs Shawn Michaels; Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

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    Yes, perhaps one of the greatest ladder matches of all time. "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon against Shawn Michaels for the intercontinental championship. No, not the one you are thinking of and probably calling me crazy for putting on here.

    Their ladder match at Summerslam of 1995.

    Now I can't put videos on here because it still is not letting me but here all are four parts of the match.

    Part 1-

    Part 2-

    Part 3-

    Part 4-

    Not only was this a classic match but it was also one of excellent sportsmanship by Ramon. Holding Michaels' hand in victory was something I really didn't expect to see.

    Pretty much the entire match Michaels was being owned by Ramon. Yet the resiliency of Michael's on a leg that was worked on the entire match by Razor allowed him to retain the belt and slay the bad guy.

    Now I hate to put Michaels as the underdog in any match but if you watch it it looks like Ramon would easily get the win but HBK did what HBK does and pulled the upset. 

Andre the Giant Vs Hulk Hogan: WWF Championship

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    One of the most memorable matches of all time. Hogan vs Andre the Giant for the WWF Championship.

    Against a man that was an incredible 7 foot 4 inches and weighing 500 lbs and also being undefeated for an outstanding 15 years Hogan had his work cut out for him.

    Hogan was getting tossed like a rag doll through most of this match but came back to slam the giant, get the leg drop, and retain the WWF title.

    Now as this match was a little before my time I had never really heard about it until I was about 10. When I first watched this match I thought to myself there is no way, this guy is just too big. It was this very match that told me size doesn't matter in the WWE.

Chris Benoit Outlasts 29 Others To Win The Royal Rumble

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    Ok so before I start please for the love of all things holy please don't leave a million comments about what he did, that is not what this is about.

    In 2004 Chris Benoit entered the royal rumble as the No. 1 draw. He would then go on to win the entire thing as the first and last person to leave the ring while also breaking Bob Backlund's longevity record in the Royal Rumble.

    The wrestlers who Benoit personally eliminated are: Mark Henry, Bradshaw, Rhino, Matt Morgan, A-Train and The Big Show.

    A great showing of endurance and skill all on his way to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.  

    Some notable names in this Royal Rumble were The Big Show, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, John Cena and Goldberg.

Eddie Guerrero Vs Brock Lesnar: WWE Championship

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    Anybody against Brock Lesnar is pretty much an underdog. At No Way Out in 2004 Eddie Guerrero took on Brock Lesnar for the WWE title.

    When Lesnar hit the F5 and knocked out the ref I am sure everybody thought he was gonna hit Eddie with the belt and win. When Goldberg hit the spear on Lesnar hope ran through us all.

    A lifelong dream came true this day for Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio Wins The Royal Rumble

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    Now the only thing that makes this win better than Benoit's is that when somebody who is smaller enters the rumble, pretty much nobody expects them to last long.

    Mysterio came out No. 2 and lasted until the end and won it.

    Mysterio eliminated HHH, Psciosis, RVD, Super Crazy and Randy Orton.

    Some notable wrestlers in this Royal Rumble were Kane, Big Show, Benoit, Bobby Lashley, HBK and Viscera.

    This was a good match at the end between Orton, HHH and Rey.