Deep Sea Fishing in Canada

Jess KContributor IIINovember 1, 2010

Once you have experienced the amazing adventure of deep sea fishing outside Prince Edward Island in Canada, it is likely that you will develop an entirely new appreciation for the seafood that you eat each and every year. Whether or not you like to fish for shark or large tuna, off the coast of Prince Edward Island, you are sure to have a chance at wrestling with huge blue fin, mackerel or shark as soon as you have your lure into that water.

For the fisherman who is looking to upgrade his adventures and try out deep sea fishing, a great first experience is to seek out a tuna or shark charter boat to take you out. There are plenty organizations on the island eager to take you on fun and exciting fishing trips.

The sharks that you could possibly reel in are blue, porbeagle and mako. These sharks usually stay within the cooler waters of a channel. Since they will usually not venture into coastal waters until the summer, many charter boats will not even book trips until the month of September.

Tuna fisheries, on the other hand, operate on the quote system. This means that the tuna season is not fixed, but depends on the total number of tuna caught. Once the quota is filled, the season is over. 

Once you are on board the fishing vessel, be sure that your fishing rod is securely fastened into its sheath. You will want to prepare in advance for a potential struggle with a large fish that could last as long as three hours.

Your fish will do its best to pull and tug as hard as it can on your line. Often, a larger fish can get so aggressive that the captain of the boat will have to turn the boat around and move in the opposite direction. Sometimes the boat will have to travel as many as six miles before these giant fish decide they are tired.

Once you end up bringing your fish onto the boat, you must remember that you will not be permitted to take it home with you. The fishing license belongs to the charter company, which means that the fish actually belong to the captain of the boat.  

No need to worry though, as catching one of these fish will mean your entire fishing experience is free of charge. Be sure to bring your camera along in case this happens, so you can prove to all your friends that you caught a monster.