MLB's Five Most Overrated Players

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2008

5. Travis Hafner

There is only one real reason that the veteran first baseman is on this list—INJURIES. He has a career .280 AVG with 114 home runs in seven seasons. Hafner has not hit .300 since 2006 and fell down about 20 home runs from '06, when he hit 42, to '07, when he hit 24. 

Still a young player, Travis has time to fully recover and be really great. I think that the injury will encourage the slugger to come back stronger than ever. Cleveland fans, the clubhouse, and Travis will all do whatever possible to make sure that happens.


4. Carlos Delgado

What ever happened to the New York Mets? Rightfully, the entire Mets team should be at No. 1, but since they are leading their division, I guess I'll only use the biggest one on their team.

From hitting four home runs in a game to praying to get four in a month, Delgado has got to be the most disappointing player on the Mets. Now, I'm not saying he isn't good, but Carlos has not hit over .265 since joining the Mets and really has disappointed a lot of fans. He had a good run, but it may be time to hang 'em up.


3. Nomar Garciaparra  

Remember that guy, a long time ago, in Boston who used to say, "Hey Nomar, hit a homar," he has been replaced with a guy from L.A. that says, "Hey Nomar...just make contact".

Injuries and age have plagued the once-great shortstop. Nomar used to be compared to future Hall of Famers Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. He has not hit more than 20 home runs in about five years and has not hit over .300 in two years, yet all I hear about is how great he is and how he is still an All Star.

Overall, he was a great player, but it might be about that time.


2. Barry Zito

Back in Oakland, the awesome lefty deserved every bit of hype he, not so much. His last year in Oakland, Barry was 16-10 with a 3.83 ERA. The next year in San Francisco, he was 11-13 with a 4.53 ERA.

There is no possible way that the teams in the NL are harder than the AL. Even this year he is 8-15 with a 5.31 ERA. The first year in San Fran was the first year in a seven-year span that Zito did not get more wins than losses. 

The one division that is lucky to have one team finish over .500 and an All Star pitcher comes over and flat-out sucks. I honestly do not know what to say about this.


1. Andrew Jones

{cough}{cough} Sorry about that, I was doing my impression of Andruw Jones (a.k.a. The Most Overrated Player in the world). This year, in 74 games, he has hit only three home runs.

In his first year in Atlanta, he hit five in 34 games. Now he's serving up a great .161 AVG with an amazing 14 RBI. The Braves are in the NL East, the Dodgers are in the NL West. Think about that for a minute. Pretty much the biggest disappointment and definitely the most overrated player ever.