NASCAR: 10 Reasons Clint Bowyer Won at Talladega

Todd JacobsCorrespondent INovember 1, 2010

NASCAR: 10 Reasons Clint Bowyer Won at Talladega

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    Clint Bowyer and Richard Childress Racing have climbed back to the top of the restrictor plate racing mountain in the last two years.  The win by Clint Bowyer on Halloween 2010 has cemented the RCR teams stranglehold on Talladega and Daytona.

    In the aftermath of the race as confusion over who won the race was being decided, Richard Childress knew that his RCR team had won and finished second but there was still the ten minute time period to find out who had won.  

    Clint Bowyer did not wait for the official announcement.  He knew he had won and he proceeded to do donuts on the start finish line while his teammate, Kevin Harvick patiently awaited the official news.  Once the dust had settled, Richard Childress spoke to the Speed TV Victory Lane crew and explained that Clint Bowyer was running with an experimental package in his car and that Kevin Harvick was running with their standard RCR set up for restrictor plate tracks.

     Bowyer's win is easy to dissect.  There are 10 reasons why Bowyer and his RCR BB&T No.33 ended up in victory lane at Talladega.  The following are the ten reasons Bowyer won his first restrictor plate race.



No. 10) Starting Up Front

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    The great qualifying effort by the No.33 team gave them a great starting spot and a primo pit box that would come in handy later when the race was on the line.

No.9) ECR Engines Have Become The Dominant Restrictor Plate Engine

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    The combination of Dale Earnahardt Inc. and RCR engine programs has led to the most powerful restrictor plate engine NASCAR has ever seen.  When two cars with ECR engines under the hood hooked up on Sunday they were unstoppable. 

No.8) Karma. Clint Bowyer Magnanomously Lent His Pit Crew To Kevin Harvick

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    Clint Bowyer's pit crew has been one of the best on pit road all season.  With Bowyer out of the NASCAR Chase, Richard Childress asked if they could trade pit crews with Kevin Harvick's No. 29 team.  The good will from Bowyer paid off Sunday with a win.  The first people to congratulate Bowyer was his former pit crew on pit road as he made his way to victory lane.

No. 7) Two Cars Are Better Than 12.

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    Clint Bowyer and teammate Kevin Harvick took advantage of the new restrictor plate theory.  Two cars hooked up nose to tail were much faster than the pack.  This has been true since the rear wing has disappeared and once the race entered the end game there were three two car teams running to the checker.

No. 6) Dale Earnhardt Sr Was Thanked Several Times In Victory Lane

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    The rise to power of Richard Childress Racing and Dale Earnhardt Inc on the super speeway restrictor plate races started with one man.  Dale Earnhardt was the man when it came to designing cars and engines for these tracks.  His name was spoke often in victory lane at Talladega.  It was the tenth anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's last victory in a NASCAR event.

No.5) Richard Childress. Owner Of RCR Made Point to Get Back On Top

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    Richard Childress and RCR Racing had slipped at the super speedways a few years ago and Childress made a commitment to build engines with Dale Earnhardt Inc and now they are the dominant engine on super speedway restrictor plate races.  Couple this with the extra work in the wind tunnel and the fab shop at the direction of the Childress and he played a major role in the days events.

No.4) Juan Pablo Montoya Gets an Assist In Bowyer's Win

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    Talladega pole sitter Juan Pablo Montoya is not an RCR driver but he does run the same ECR engine as Bowyer and they ran well together through the day and especially on the final laps.  Montoya pushed Clint Bowyer at the end and finished third for his reward.  Montoya has become a solid restrictor plate racer but has been called out by other drivers for being to aggressive. 

No.3) Teammate Kevin Harvick Helped Keep Bowyer Up Front

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    Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer helped each other throughout the day and even though they were battling for the win at the end Kevin was happy to see a one-two RCR finish.  Is he maturing or just making sure one of his teammates will work with him the last three races?

No 2) The Big One Wins It For Clint Bowyer Over Teammate Harvick

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    If AJ Allmendinger and the rest of the field does not get squirrelly as the white flag unfurls, Clint Bowyer may not have won Talladega.  The spectacular flip of Almendinger played a big part in not letting the field race back to the line to take the checker flag.

No.1) Clint Bowyer Stayed Out Of Trouble Ran at The Front & Grabbed Trophy

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    The number one reason Clint Bowyer made it to victory lane was...Clint Bowyer.  He stayed out of trouble.  Kept his car up front and hooked up with the best pushers in the business to take down his first restrictor plate victory in his career.  Bowyer has crossed the start finish line on fire on his dome in a past restrictor plate race but on Halloween this year he coasted across the line with his teammate in tow keep his owner and RCR team on top at the big super speedways.

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