Bills - Colts First Half Analysis

Todd Morse@@TheRiddleClassAnalyst IAugust 24, 2008

BillsColts and Closing Ceremonies Recap

I’m back from vacation and my Olympics high has worn off.  The closing ceremonies are awful.  Go America.

Here is what I’m looking for out of this game:

1.        JP Losman to remind me why I don’t hate him.  If I hate him by the end of tonight, I will begin to write about the fact that he should be cut.

2.       The Bills defense to show me that they’re not paper tigers.

3.   Show me some young guys.

Bills drive #1:

Buffalo receives.  Wow, JP can’t sustain a drive, shocker.  Why does he do that jumping pass?  That is terrible number seven on my list that I ignored when I first

Colts drive#1:

Jared Lorenzen is playing.  There goes my paper tiger quest.  Kelsay’s sack was nice though. 

Bills drive #2:

Nice ru…oh, holding on Josh Reed.  Bad start.  Why does JP always make the read I would make after I do the running backwards panic play in Madden?  The jump pass to Reed for 4 yards, called stop pass to Evans and the audible draw to Jackson (not sure of the order) is typical JP – so robotic. 

Colts drive #2:

Oh the Colts decided to try to run on the Bills and succeeded.  I’m used to that, maybe the paper tiger theory can exist tonight.  Oh wait, Jared Lorenzen is playing.  Nice hold, I guess.

Bills Drive #3:

Apparently Bob Sanders is good.  Oh look, JP scrambled and got a first down on third and seven.  I have no doubt in my mind that a receiver was open and Edwards would have hit him in stride.  Losman to Evans for a first down, behind Evans. 

An interview with Edwards, he looks ripped, I can’t wait for the season.  Hearing Edwards compare himself to Peyton and Brady is fantastic.  Bold prediction –  I’m drinking the kool aid, Edwards throws for 30 TDs and 3500 yards this season.

Oh hey, bad clock management, the Bills had to burn a time out, another

The new Colts stadium has over 130 suites.  Shocker.  Does Buffalo have 130 businesses?

Nice run by Fred Jackson.  So far I’m not overly concerned about this Jason Peters thing. 

JP held onto the ball too long and missed an open receiver, shocker.

Awesome, Langston Walker is hurt.  Now I’m concerned about this Jason Peters thing.  Two rookies in at tackle, neat.   Bell

I really love the weapons the Bills have on offense.  It might take a few games for them to gel, but once they do they have a ton of potential. 

I hate the fact that JP can not hit a receiver in stride.  That being said, Lee Evans, Josh Reed,

TD by Xavier Omon, who is a practice squader.  I said he was from D-III in my last article and was ridiculed for it.  Bills are keeping 4 TEs, 6 WRs, and have a bunch of young guys pushing on the o-line, they aren’t keeping Omon.  They are showcasing him because they want to sneak someone else through the cuts. 

I don’t hate Losman yet, but he is hair pullingly mind numbingly painfully awful. 

10-0 Buffalo.

Colts possession #3:

I’d like to see a turnover here so we can get to Hamdan.  I loved watching Jerry Rice in his prime.  It was poetic, his routes were fantastic.  I thought I’d never see anyone run routes like that until I saw Marvin Harrison play.  Rice could do it 96% of the time, Harrison could do it about 50% of the time.  When Rice broke down, it was sad.  Trust me on this – Harrison is broken.

Why is McGee still playing?  Jared Lorenzen just pump-faked Will James f/k/a Will Peterson.  Ouch. 

Lolz, touchdown Terrence McGee, fumble recovery.  17-0 Buffalo. 

Colts Possession #4:

Ok, pull McGee, Whitner, Kelsay, Schobel & Stroud for real now.  OH MY!  Darian Barnes just became my favorite player! He laid out some Colts player twice his size. 

Anyway, alright, Jared Lorenzen sucks, three and out. 

Bills Possession #4:

1:12 second drill.  Run, neat.  Go deep please, that’s what JP is for.  Run again.  Lame.  Coaching, boring.  Oh well, exhibition football is what it is.  First half over. 

So I flipped to the closing ceremonies a few times.  Some Chinese guy who looked like their version of Peter Pan was flying around in a red suit over a bunch of fog.  It looked awful.  Stop watching.

Halftime analysis:

No Edwards, Hardy, Parrish or McKelvin today.  The return game is struggling the most.  Schonert is calling a game JP can’t screw up.  I really want to see Hamdan play.

Jim Mora’s unbiased Colts analysis: “Don’t worry about the Colts, they’ve won Super Bowls.  Peyton might be injured and they haven’t gotten their players involved tonight, but don’t worry about the Colts”

Brilliant Jim.


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