Please Leave Rich Rodriguez's Family Alone

frank martinoCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2007

IconSelfish people such as Rich Rodriquez do things without thinking. 

They forget who they hurt—Rich has hurt his mom and dad. 

Rich's parents are scared to leave their home.  They feel like outcasts, and they did nothing wrong. 

Please leave them alone.  They can't help the fact that that their son is an idiot and a liar. 

Rich's mom assured everyone last year that her son would never leave WVU, except maybe someday for the NFL if the right opportunity at that level came along.  Even when it was announced that he had taken the Alabama job, Rich's mother calmed everyone down and said that he would never do that to West Virginia. 

Rich did not consult her this time.  Nor his friends and other relatives.  Had he talked with her, then she probably would have helped him to at least have more integrity about the whole situation.

This lady has suffered enough humiliation from her own son.

The other lady in his life—Rodriguez's wife Rita—was upset last time, and did not want to move at all.  She is a good friend of Tony Gibson's wife, and it thus makes sense that Tony will be joining Rich in Michigan. 

Rita and her family are very nice people.  They loved that Rich was the head coach of the Mountaineers, and followed and believed in him.  His sister-in-law used to get in anyone's face who doubted that Rich was worth all that money, especially when WVU had to give up some sports to pay him. 

Not much that she can say now...

I am sure it is like having a death in the family—no one really wants to talk about it and everyone wishes that it didn't happen.

So to all of you who want to take your frustrations out on Rich's family: Stop it now. 

Your actions are no better than what he did.  You can pick your friends, but you are stuck with your relatives. 

Whether or not the Mountaineer nation is upset with Rich, his family are kind and decent people, and should be left alone.

Too bad Rich forgot those qualities...