With Pat White and Excellent Coaching Staff, It's The Year of the Eers!

WVU FanContributor IAugust 24, 2008

Many people believe that West Virginia University will be down a little this year.

There are only two words I can say to oppose that: Pat White!

This guy doesn't get half of the credit he deserves for WVU's success the past three seasons. Everyone wants to toot on Rich Rodriguez's horn, but I think we owe someone else a little more gratitude.

That person is White.

Remember what Rod's offense looked like before Pat White? It was awful. Don't get me wrong, Rich Rod deserves a lot of credit for what he did here at WVU, but not all of the credit.

Back to this season. I think predicting an undefeated season is unrealistic, but I have trouble pinning down a loss.

Sure Auburn or South Florida could defeat WVU, but I think that all depends on the health of Pat White. If he stays healthy, there is no way USF will beat him again. And I just think that getting Auburn at home is an advantage.

So then there is everyone's preseason choice: Pittsburgh.

Really? Yes, they some how beat WVU last year, but the play calling in that game was awful! I still to this day, don't understand what the WVU coaches or COACH was looking at.

Could it have been the Maze and Blue, I guess we will never know. However, there was something fishy about that game! Anyway, a loss will not come from Pitt this year, Pitt will probably finish 4th in the league. And Lou Holtz picked Pitt! Unbelievable!

The lack of respect for WVU is great! I think this year, the Eers will be able to take on a little bit of an underdog role.

I know they will be favored in most of their games, but they have plenty of locker room material from the preseason. No one is giving them love.

If anyone else had dismantled Oklahoma in a bowl game, and returned as much talent as WVU did, that team would be definite top five.

But not WVU! Some rankings even had them as low as 15th.  That blows my mind.

Yes, WVU changed coaches. They lost their mastermind, but I think we need to take a look at the new staff.

Bill Stewart is not alone. He has assembled on of the best coaching staffs in the country.

Doc Holliday was a candidate for the head coaching job, and he still came aboard. He left Florida to come home. And this guy is one of the best recruiters in the country!

That is why WVU is not going anywhere, they are bringing in better talent than the previous coach. They also got Steve Dunlap, David Lockwood, and a few others who are also great coaches and great recruiters.

Bill Stewart may be the head man, but he is not the only one running the show.

Again, I don't know about an undefeated season, but I think this season will be special.

Pat White will go out a champ. That means Big East champs, and yes, National Champs!

I think WVU will be in the national championship game whether they have a loss or not. I think that if they lose it will be early, maybe to someone you don't expect. A team that scares me is Louisville. I know they were down last year, but they still had a top five offense, and they get WVU at Papa John's Stadium, which could be a dangerous road game.

However, I just think this is the year of Bill Stewart, the year of Pat White, and the year of the Eers! Go Eers!


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