Golden: The Greatest Wrestling Champions of the 21st Century Poll

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 31, 2010

Golden: The Greatest Wrestling Champions of the 21st Century Poll

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    Over the past few weeks, I've read multiple comments from the Creatures of the Dead. Most of them have been about the B/R wrestling section. Some have declared that it's going downhill, and fast.

    The wrestling section is at its best. Excluding the hundreds of slideshows about the upcoming PPV, I don't believe we have reached our peak.

    To end all the talk of us "dying," I've decided to come up with a concept to get all of the Bleachers involved: ranking the best Champions of the 21st Century.

    It's very simple. I will list multiple wrestlers based on reigns, length and title defenses. The Bleachers will choose their pick in a comment.

    Votes will be tallied by me, and will be announced two days from now.

    This slideshow will feature also feature titles from TNA.

Women's Championship

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    -Michelle McCool

    -Trish Stratus


    -Gail Kim

    -Molly Holly

    -Victoria (Tara)

    -Beth Phoenix


    -Mickie James



Intercontinental Championship

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    -Chris Jericho

    -Chris Benoit

    -Randy Orton


    -Shelton Benjamin


    -Jeff Hardy

    -Ric Flair

X Division Championship

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    -AJ Styles

    -Samoa Joe

    -Christopher Daniels

    -Jay Lethal

    -Chris Sabin

    -Petey Williams

    -Low Ki (Kaval)

TNA (NWA) Tag Team Championship

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    -America's Most Wanted

    -Latin American Xchange

    -AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

    -Team 3D

    -Beer Money

    -AJ Styles and Tomko

    -Motor City Machine Guns

WWE Tag Team Champions

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    -Los Guerreros


    -Worlds Greatest Tag Team

    -The Miz and John Morrison

    -Paul London and Brian Kendrick

    -The Colons

    -The Basham Brothers

World Tag Team Champions

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    -Edge and Christian

    -Rated RKO

    -The Hardys

    -The Dudley Boyz


    -La Resistance 

    -Big Show and Kane

    -Spirit Squad

    -Cade and Murdoch

United States Championship

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    -Booker T

    -Chris Benoit

    -John Cena

    -Shelton Benjamin

    -Kofi Kingston

    -Orlando Jordan

World Heavyweight Championship

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    -Triple H


    -Rey Mysterio

    -Chris Benoit

    -The Undertaker

TNA (NWA) World Champion

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    -AJ Styles

    -Kurt Angle

    -Jeff Jarrett



    -Samoa Joe

    -Christian Cage

WWE Championship

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    -John Cena

    -Triple H

    -Steve Austin

    -Brock Lesnar

    -Kurt Angle

    -Eddie Guerrero



    -Randy Orton

    -The Rock