Total Negligent Ass-backwards Wrestling

Jason IovannaCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2008

I attempted to watch TNA Impact! this Friday afternoon, making solid use of my DVR in the process.  Thank God I did because even though I am huge fan of professional wrestling and watch it whenever I can, the show as usual was atrocious.

Why on earth would you ever have a main event match involving superstars like A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle, most definitely in the top 5 of the company, fighting over an Olympic gold medal.

I know the Olympics are simultaneously a ratings draw, but they are fighting for something not even of worth to the TNA roster!  I mean, what an ungodly waste of airtime. 

Other than that match I fast-forwarded through the entire show pretty much.

You have stupid characters like Roode and Storm (Beer Money Inc., definitely a lame brain Russo idea); Abdul Bashir (formerly Daivari in the WWE) bashing America, like that already hasn't been done a million times before; and Consequences Creed who is just a rip-off of Apollo Creed from Rocky.

I mean, who is in charge of creating these characters? Then you have Hoyt and Rave, and I just don't want to get into that mess. 

Every star they have, they don't use properly.  Instead of having a great potential world heavyweight championship feud of Samoa Joe and A.J. styles, they put Joe in a storyline with Grandpa Booker T. 

They have tainted the likes of Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, Sabin and Shelley, and the list goes on and on.  These are TNA originals who should be making the draws!!!  Not rejects from the WWE. 

I mean at this point, I am just frustrated beyond belief.  Christian Cage is now again put on the back burner and there is no doubt in my mind that he will make the jump back to Stamford soon.  I could go on and on about this but I will spare you. 

Now it looks like I favor the WWE, heavily but not true.  I will be writing more about other promotions more worthy of TV airtime than TNA.  I promise entries will be more meaningful in the future.