Why the University of Arkansas Should Drop Football

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Why the University of Arkansas Should Drop Football

Reason No. 1: The Program is Irrelevant

The last time the Razorbacks claimed a national title was in 1964. What have they done since? A small stint of success in the last few years given to them by Felix Jones and Darren McFadden alone?

Even with the best running back and the best running back tandem, they still could not accomplish anything. The University of Arkansas is to football as apples are to oranges.

The Razorbacks just don't fit in, and they never will. The program is a sinkhole for money and is costing them more than they think. Inbreds.

Reason No. 2: It is a Dirty Program

Scum of the earth. At least the other programs who recruit thugs, such as LSU, can actually win. Arkansas sneaks by because of the program's mediocrity. Great, historical, legendary, and storied programs such as the University of Miami take all the abuse from the media for being "Thug U", or other such nonsense.

No one says a thing about Arkansas, because quite frankly, no one cares. Speaking of Miami...what a great, great program. Randy Shannon is the man. Inbred hillbilly jackass dumb dips.

Reason No. 3: Bobby Petrino

If there is a definition of a coach who knows how to surf the border of success, but never actually reaches it, it is Bobby Petrino. The only thing the guy ever did was win the Orange Bowl.

Not only that, but he had a great offense at Louisville to do it with. It included one of the nation's best quarterbacks at the time, along with solid running backs and wide receivers.

Also, Louisville plays in the second worst BCS conference out there. The guy could never win the title. Maybe that's why Arkansas hired him? It's a perfect fit. Mediocrity.

You see the trend, don't you? Inbred hillbilly jackass dumb dips trailer park living fried possum eating sister sexing pig rednecks.

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