Sorry Rex, Chicago Knows Not What It Wants

Christopher BremnerCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2008


Chicago we have a problem.  After reading an article posted earlier this week by Jimmy Mac, and all of the succeeding comments, the gravity of the situation really set in.


 I am going to beat the dead horse here for a moment so bear with me.  Rex Grossman has been our best hope in recent history and I can’t believe the audacity fans had the other night to boo him. 


Oh sure, we as Chicago Bear fans know what’s best behind center.  Besides a decent Sid Luckman in the 40's and an injury prone Jim McMahon in the 80's, our quarterback history has been atrocious!  Rex Grossman doesn’t deserve to get booed now, last year, or ever.  A little taste of success and now we know who the best option is at quarterback? 


Shame on the organization for not allowing Rex to develop more, and shame on us for not supporting him.  Why must the organization and the fans always look for some quick fix?  It’s not going to happen! We don't have a Tom Brady on the bench! What are we going to do when Kyle starts playing like a fourth round pick? Bring in Caleb Hanie? What about when Caleb doesn't put up Joe Montana like, hall of fame numbers? Who’s next?  THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE!


 Do not get me wrong, I am a Kyle Orton fan as well, but I know for a fact that if he starts to struggle, we will once again be forced to look in our crystal balls and voice our expert opinions on who needs to be leading our football team.  Lovie Smith attempted to support him last year “Rex is our quarterback” and all we did is mock and criticize him for it.


If we are going to stick with Kyle Orton, fine, but let’s allow him to develop and live through his mistakes before we toss him to the curb.  Oh yeah, how about not booing him when he struggles or throws an interception.  Brace yourselves, quarterbacks that actually throw, will throw interceptions.  I know it’s a hard concept for us to understand here in Chicago. 


Mark my words; we will regret losing Grossman, after he leaves.