NFL Fantasy Draft Strategy

John GrayCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2008

Its easy to draft #1 or #2 and pick LT or Adrian Peterson, but what do you do if you are drafting #3 to #12?

Joseph Addai and Westbrook are other attractive top 10 selections, but otherwise weak draft owners will line up and start drafting risky 2nd and 3rd tier Running Backs like dumb sheep.  Don't be a "me-too" draft owner.  To build the best team you need to select the player who adds the most value above the remainder selections regardless of position.

It is not worth selecting Gore, Portis or McGeehee in the first round when you can get Michael Turner, Selvin Young, McFadden, Jonathon Stewart and Thomas Jones in the 3-4th rounds.

When you fellow #3 to #12 draft owners are scrambling over Larry Johnson and Lawrence Maroney you are much better off taking a top QB and top WR's.  If you are a dumb sheep then the top drafters will be grabbing a top QB and WR after you just scrambled for RB leftovers.

In the late rounds you grab the upside backs as insurance like Felix Jones, Ricky Williams, Matt Forte and can grab some quality WRs like Santonio Holmes, Mason, Cotchery, Sallworth and Roddy White.

In a 12 team select league I was able to draft Tom Brady in the 1st round then grab Reggie Wayne & Braylon Edwards with the 2nd & 3rd picks.  I then addressed RB by snagging McFadden and Thomas Jones in the 4th & 5th.  In the later rounds I selected more RB's in White, Selvin Young and Felix Jones.  Backup WR's with Roddy White, Mason and Hardy.

If you want a top Tight End you have to take one  by the 5th.  I ended with Shockey in the 6th.  If you desire a top defense, which is a luxury, then the 6th round is your entry point.  I waited till later since the the difference is slim in the later rounds and depends on the opponent.  For now I have the Titans.

A backup QB is nice to have as well, but not worth until after your lineup is set at least unless you did not get a top 5 quarterback. I took Chad Pennington, but would drop him in a moment is a free agent does better or has a weaker opponent when I need one.

I don't like the auto drafts.  I ended up with 4 WRs in the first 5 picks, which is not what I wanted.  Granted I have Moss, Edwards, Fitzgerald and Coles, but my RBs are Edgerrin James and Rudi Johnson.  My QB is Derek Anderson who better recover from his concussion.

Good luck in your draft.  Don't be a dumb sheep with Running backs, otherwise you will be digging a hole and the top drafting team that gets LT or Adrian will be getting Peyton Manning & Reggie Wayne types in with their 2nd & 3rd picks.