Countdown to CBB Season: 75th Reason to Be Pumped--Big Monday

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Countdown to CBB Season: 75th Reason to Be Pumped--Big Monday

Every day I will give a new reason to be pumped for the upcoming college basketball season. Here's the 75th reason to be excited for college basketball season.

Every sport has its day. Baseball has Sunday night baseball, football--Monday Night Football, the NBA--Friday night games.

College Basketball is no different. ESPN showcases the best of the best every Monday night.

Since 1987, ESPN has featured different conferences in double-headers and even triple-headers.

The 2008-2009 season will be no different. The Big East will lead off Big Monday with a 7:00 game followed by a 9:00 Big XII game, and finished off with an 11:00 WCC game.

The announcing lineup for the Big East game makes Big Monday the premier night of college basketball.

Sean McDonough's unmatched ability to call games complimented by Jay Bilas's top notch knowledge of the inner-workings of the game and Bill Raftery's energy makes a blow out a learning experience and a meaningless nail-bitter exciting.

ESPN has really lucked out with this year's schedule. The Big East is poised to have the best season ever for a conference which means there will be no shortage of great games.

Every Monday ESPN will be able to feature any two of four top ten teams and five more top 25 teams just from the Big East.

Between games and during halftime, College GameNight catches viewers up with all the action going on around the country.

Big Monday will also continue to feature a matchup of two of the top women's teams on ESPN2.

As great as Big Monday will be, the rest of ESPN's lineup has to be mentioned.

Super Tuesday will continue to air a SEC game and a Big 10 game while Wednesday Night Hoops, also known as ACC Wednesday will usually feature a pair of the ACC's top teams.

The Thursday Night Showcase is beginning to rival Big Monday in terms of the overall lineup. It'll feature four games, including an ACC game and Big 10 game on ESPN with a Big East and Atlantic-10 game on ESPN2.

Lastly, the Saturday Night Primetime game is usually the premier contest of the week and is the subject of ESPN's GameDay show.

ESPN also made one of the best programming decisions its history when it decided to put every single game its airing on any of its outlets whether it be ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN classic, ESPNU, ESPN-Plus on Most cable providers give viewers access to which means most college basketball fans can watch on average a dozen games a night online.

So reason number 75 you should be pumped for the 2008-2009 College Basketball Season is the ability to watch hundreds of top games every week.

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