Big 12 Community Leaders' Official Power Rankings: Preseason

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IAugust 24, 2008

The concept of this article is simple. Every community leader in the Big 12 has the opportunity to give their version of the "Big 12 Power Rankings." Week by week, I will continue this series, giving new rankings, and, as the season goes on, we will undoubtedly include questions, opinions, etc.

So here are our first rankings. The participating writers this week are Ryne Higgins, Burgess Shaw, Jimson Cuenta, and myself. I took each list and gave the first-place team 12 points, the second place team 11 points, etc. The total amount of points that a team received are reflected in the first number next to its name, and the second number is the amount of first place votes it earned. That's how I broke ties.


1. Missouri (44)

2. Texas (41)

3. Oklahoma (40) [2]

4. Texas Tech (40) [0]

5. Kansas (33)

6. Oklahoma State (25)

7. Nebraska (24)

8. Colorado (20)

9. Texas A&M (19)

10. Kansas State (14)

11. Baylor (7)

12. Iowa State (5)