DK's Beef With the IWC: What in the Blue Hell Are You Doing?

Kevin GermanyAnalyst IIIOctober 29, 2010

The famous Nintendo character Donkey Kong is a proud member of the IWC and a die-hard wrestling fan since birth. 

However, I have noticed some things that are just not right. Excessively long comments, articles in response to other articles, downright stupid personal attacks, and blatant hypocrisy are among my list of items to rant on. 

This is also true in sports, politics and anything mentioning Justin Bieber. 

Hopefully, the powers that be will notice this is worth publishing. 


Excessively long comments

First and foremost, why are people writing novel-sized comments?  Are they writing a dissertation or a senior thesis?  I respect people who have a take on things.  There are brilliant people on this site who could very well be sportswriters in the near future.

But it should not take more than five paragraphs to get your point across. Too many comments on this site read like articles rather than comments. 

Instead, just copy and paste your comment into an article, which leads me to my next point.


Articles responding to other articles ripping that writer's position in the subject

Now listen, I don't have a problem with healthy debate, especially for WWE and TNA. Healthy debate is what makes our planet go around. 

But I do have a problem with people writing articles criticizing another person's work.

First of all, if you don't like a particular writer or article, then why are you reading or commenting on this writer's work?  Furthermore, why are you writing a response article ripping this writer you don't like to shreds? 

Which leads to...


Downright stupid personal attacks

I am not opposed to criticism of all kinds. There will be some genuine disagreement on some things (e.g., whether John Cena can wrestle). That's a good thing.

Personal attacks are bad, bottom line.

This can very well be applied to all aspects of life, especially race, politics, and religion. These people who make these personal attacks for no good reason, we have a word for them: Trolls.

Trolls often have several reasons why they are trolling: Personal tragedy, a deep hatred for a certain person or team (where's that Miz hater?), and most of all, a sense of insecurity created by a perception of inferiority to their target of hate. 

For example, if Sarah Palin were an idiot (why am I hypothesizing that?), then why do all these liberals need to continuously rip her?  I mean, they're only making her more relevant.

Just stop giving her this nonstop attention by destroying her character, and they would "accomplish" their goals. 

Fundamentally, these trolls have no life and cannot fathom the fact that they have failed in life. Many failures in life are these as well. 


Hypocrisy on some things

This is the most obvious grievance I had to address. This time, I can go into specifics. 

For example, I have noticed almost everybody in the IWC wants Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair to retire from TNA. They say they have worn out their welcome in the wrestling industry. 

But, why do these same people want successful actors who don't need to wrestle like the Rock and Stone Cold to come back to WWE?  Wouldn't they be like the guys in TNA? 

Chris Jericho was right when he called those people "parasitic hypocrites." 

Here's another example, the art of the heel turn. 

Was it just me, or were people ripping the Jeff Hardy heel turn for being too WCW-like? Oh, it won't work! Oh, it was too stale! TNA is WCW all over again! 

Again, these sentiments come from the same people who beg for John Cena to turn heel. 

So, as a matter of fact, I have just listed my beef with the IWC. This article may get as mixed a reaction as Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, and John Cena combined. 

But, the one thing you didn't notice was the fact that I violated all of those things in this article. 

This is more or less an excessively long comment AND a response to several articles. I also personally attacked Sarah Palin for calling her an idiot.

Most importantly, I was brazenly being a hypocrite criticizing the people who do this by doing the same things myself.

Now after airing out some frustrations, I see that the IWC has some thoughts.

What are those thoughts anyway? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR THOUGHTS ARE!!!