Forget Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool—Let's crown United Champs Now!

Shaka AndersonCorrespondent IDecember 19, 2007

Icon Sports Media

I’m not happy.

Want to know why? Then I’ll tell you.

On Sunday, I saw my team Chelsea's title hopes go up in smoke due to the brain fade of our star goalkeeper.

Let me stress this: Petr Cech is the best keeper in the Premier League, but on Sunday he showed both his good and bad side.

As I was having a beer with my family, watching the game and thinking “we can do this!,” Chelsea gave away a needless corner (and then you know the rest).

No points for effort, no points for style—only points for winning.

You may be asking now: “How come he has written off Chelsea’s title hopes?” or “Why aren’t you showing faith in your team?”

The answer is an easy one. Since the 2004/05' season, the team that has been top of the league at Christmas has always gone on to win the league. Anybody who has followed the EPL will know that before Chelsea achieved this feat in 04'/05', the team at top on Christmas almost never won the league. But when Chelsea did this two years in a row, the other clubs took note. 

I’m not sure that Arsenal have the strength in depth to win the league this season. Don’t get me wrong: I like the way they play football—but although they beat Chelsea on Sunday, they were given that win.

Before that chance, they didn’t even have a shot on target as the home team. You can’t judge them on the second half because Chelsea had to chase the game, and in doing so left big holes at the back.

Liverpool...well, let's just say it's their two usual problems, strikers & rotation. As long as Rafa continues to play the wrong striker combinations and not try to stick to a side he thinks can win week in and week out, it's not gonna happen this season, next season, or any seasons after that. They either need to stick to a formation and lineup, or say goodbye to the coach.

As for Chelsea, six points is hard to ask for when you have no Didier Drogba in your side for two months, and nobody to step up to the plate. There’s talk of Nicolas Anelka coming to Stamford Bridge, but I’m not going to rest my season on a striker who’s only ambition is to play for all four top clubs before he’s 30 years old.

Defence wise, Chelsea have John Terry and Riccy Carvalho out for the crucial Christmas period, which doesn’t fare well for the club. So they are out.

Which leave’s Manchester United.

They are finding ways to win games on the road and are winning their home games without any trouble. Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez are playing well as a partnership up front, Midfied looks good, and Anderson is starting to get the groove of Premier League football. We all know about Owen Hargreaves, and the pairing of Ferdinand and Vidic is the best in the country.

It breaks my heart to concede the title to United this early. I only hope that Chelsea can prove me wrong. Up the blues.


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