Jets All Time Quarterbacks

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2008

Jets all-time quarterbacks


The ny jets have not been very blessed. They really havent had many great seasons or great players . So i decided to look at and give you 5 qb's that have been our best.


Qb- Joe namath- led jets to only super bowl victory and super bowl appearance

Playing with no knees and on some bad jets teams had good statistics

27,663 yards passing as a NY jets with 170 td’s and 215 int’s. 5 pro bowls.

The problem with namath is that his stats are not that great. Yeah he threw for almost 30,000 yards but almost so did ken O’Brien. His td to interception ratio is terrible.

And I do not really want to hear the excuse that he played on terrible teams because most of these jets qb’s did. But because he has our only super bowl ring so, he gets the nod. Namath is 2-1 in post-season play.


2. Vinny testaverde- almost brought NY another super bowl ring. The jets had a 10-0 nothing lead on the Denverbroncos in the 1998 championship game. But something happened that day. Keith byars fumbled who never fumbles, fumbled. Curtis martin who never fumbles, fumbled and the jets lost the game with another comeback from john elway. If the jets had won, they would have faced the falcons in the super bowl that they already beat earlier that year. Testaverde would have been to me the jets best qb.If he would have won the super bowl, he finished with 12,497 yards passing in 7yrs with 77td’s and 58 ints he had a 35 wins and 26 losses. 2-2 in post season play.


3. Chad Pennington- Chad Pennington yes Chad Pennington. The only reason he is not number 2 is that vinny took us to the championship, had a stronger arm and he is a New Yorker. But it is debatable Pennington has thrown for 13,738 yards 82 wins and 55 int’s

And a 65 pct completion rating. In his 8 yr career but Pennington who is the all time leader in completion rating and blessed with a great football mind was not really blessed with a football arm. And was constantly injured. Pennington is 2-3 in the playoffs with the jets.


4. Ken O’Brien- yeah you know this kind of hurts making this list because the jets never really had a lights out qb for an extended period of time. O’Brien was a 24thpick in the first round. He was a jet qb for 9 yrs and lost both of his playoff games. He finished his career. With 24,386 yards passing 124 td’s and 95 int’s.


5. Richard Todd- o yes another NY jets savior, he was the 6thpick in the first round of the 1976 draft. Todd had decent numbers but nothing stellar he ended his career as a ny jets with 20,610 yards passing 124td’s and 161int’s but Todd had only 1 winning record in 8yrs as a jets qb and is 2-2 in postseason play. And threw 5 interceptions in the 83 conference championship game.