WWE: Can't Get Brock Lesnar, Why Not Kimbo Slice?

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 17:  MMA Heavyweight Sensation Kimbo Slice is seen during the Workout/Media Day with Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano at the Legends Mixed Martial Arts Training Center on September 17, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
Robert Laberge/Getty Images

There was recent buzz about a potential Undertaker vs. Lesnar match for Wrestlemania 27.  Dana White has denied this and this has left many of us disappointed.  There is always a possibility that this may change, but I wouldn't hold out hope. So, now it is time to move on. 

The top contenders for the hot match-up at Wrestlemania 27 are Kane, Cena and Sheamus.  Are you excited about this?  Me neither.  Let me introduce to you a different idea. 

The man who should face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 is....

Kimbo Slice.

This is an idea that could work. Kimbo Slice is lost without the UFC and I believe the perfect new home for Kimbo is the WWE.  Even though a lost Kimbo Slice isn't exactly a guy you want to pick on. With guys like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashely moving into MMA, why can't guys like Kimbo move into wrestling?

Ok, I admit it, Kimbo Slice doesn't really have a great ground game, but this can be worked on. There are a lot of positives for Kimbo that will help the WWE. Kimbo has the look and style of a hardcore fighter. He has a personality that will draw attention. He helped draw huge ratings for the Ultimate Fighter. If WWE can build the right storyline, Kimbo could help with the rating problem.

There are a lot of people that still cheer for Kimbo.  He does have a huge fan base and Kimbo is an internet sensation. 

Kimbo can really move for a big guy. With just a little bit of training and a great storyline, Kimbo Slice and the Undertaker can be a truly memorable match.