WWE: Why John Morrison Is the Future of the WWE

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WWE: Why John Morrison Is the Future of the WWE
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WWE is in a slump at the moment with the current face of the company losing his bright star. So who can the WWE turn to in this time of need?

Well, it is none other than John Morrison. Morrison is a former ECW, three-time Intercontinental and former WWE and World tag team champion. Morrison has the looks and moves to take the company to new heights.

John Morrison has shown that he is very capable of hanging with the main eventers. 2009 was the year of Morrison showing a strong rise on SmackDown. He put on great matches with Rey Mysterio among others.

Even when Morrison's push was stalled, he showed that he could lose with class. A good wrestler not only needs to look good winning but also losing. The right balance of this win/loss ratio shows good character for a superstar.

Things are looking good for the Shaman of Sexy. There is a potential feud with the former two-time WWE champion Sheamus. This can only help Morrison rise higher and give him a potential title shot in the near future.

I believe the current push for Miz is only going to help out Morrison. WWE knows Morrison has everything, but at the time when Miz and Morrison were a tag team, Miz was not the star of the two. The Miz got a huge push and is now a future title holder.

It looks like the Miz will get the title shot sooner than Morrison, but when this happens, it will be AWESOME. Both the Miz and Morrison could feud and bring in some classic matches.

But in the end, Morrison will be the man on top. He has the skills to be a long-reigning WWE champion.

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