TNA Wrestling Finally Earns Respect From Its Detractors

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 29, 2010

For the longest time, I have been a fan of TNA. At least enough to watch it. I have bashed it in the past simply because I know what they could accomplish and they just weren't doing it. Now, they are starting to slowly give us some great things to watch.

Before I had just minor respect for TNA, nothing big. When Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in, I lost pretty much all respect for TNA. I still have no respect for Hogan and Bischoff. But now, I do have more respect for TNA as a whole.

And the reason is for what we saw last night on TNA iMPACT. Matt Morgan, then of Fortune, heard of Jeff Jarrett challenging Ken Anderson to a chain match later that night. Bischoff said it was on despite Anderson having a hurt arm and concussion.

The head trainer went up to Bischoff and said that Anderson suffered a concussion last week, and with all the knowledge we know now about concussions, he should not compete in the match with Jarrett. EB just shooed him away and said that this isn't the NFL but Pro-Wrestling, who cares about a concussion?

This is when we hear from the big man, Matt Morgan. He saw that despite warnings from the head trainer, Bischoff was going to make Anderson go out and compete. So, he made his mind heard.

For those of you who don't know, Morgan is a legit member of the Sports Legacy Institute, a place that studies the brain and was founded and run by former WWE Superstar and Harvard grad, Chris Nowitzki.

Morgan came out and said a while back that he was going to donate his brain after his death to Sports Legacy so that he could make a difference. He felt there was no need to take his brain to the grave when it could contribute to the helping of others. That is something I respect.

All night Morgan warned Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and others that this was a bad idea making Anderson compete tonight. After all the knowledge we had of concussions and how they effect not only wrestlers, but all of sports today, there was no need to have Anderson go out and wrestle.

I respect TNA for giving Morgan this platform to speak his mind about this. It was brought up because Anderson suffered a legit concussion and was going to get it checked out sometime this week.

TNA is the first wrestling promotion I've seen to really come out and discuss concussions like this. TNA is keeping Anderson out of action for a long period of time, at least past Turning Point. This is why it is slated that Morgan will take on Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title instead of Anderson at the TNA PPV. We may see more on that next week.

I like that Anderson is being kept out of action due to suffering the concussion. We know so much about this specific issue now more so than we did back in the '80s and '90s. Hell, we know more about it now than we did last year. So, to think that Anderson could come in the next day after a concussion would be crazy for a wrestling promotion to do. It's risking the man's life here!

I like how they did a story about it, where the older guys didn't care about concussions and the heels were not caring at all about Anderson other than Morgan.

It was showing how stupid some people are about concussions and how they just don't care. And for someone......anyone to stand up against this issue may not be the most popular thing to do, but it is heavily needed.

We saw that Morgan got beat up for his beliefs, but I'm sure this coming week on iMPACT we'll see guys siding with Morgan about concussions. I guarantee you that guys in pro sports and even the lower levels are thinking about their heads a lot more.

Morgan being the mouthpiece for this was a nice touch because of his relationship to the issue. Morgan has suffered many concussions before himself, and that was probably the reason he decided to partner up with Sports Legacy.

Now, I like the whole angle on the show. But, I am still worried about how far they will take Morgan's character now. He was sparingly used in Fortune, especially for matches. And he was a guy you wanted to see do more with the faction. So, I was glad Morgan got some air time.

But, now he is against the group along with people such as Anderson, RVD, Joe, and Pope. And really, 2 of those guys being out only gives Morgan more time to be used. RVD seems to be out of the main event scene right now in a paranoid angle and Pope is trying to go against Abyss.

So, for now Morgan will be used a good bit. But, I highly doubt he will have the same position when Anderson and Joe come back despite having all the tools of a main eventer. Morgan as World Champion will come, but it won't be at Turning Point. He'll face off with Hardy but end up losing.

I highly doubt TNA wants to put the strap on Morgan at this point, but, it's not as if he doesn't deserve it.

We will see what becomes of this. But, for now, TNA has my respect for taking a stand against something that needed the attention a long time ago, concussions.