Otunga On The Way Out? Five Possible Replacements For The Nexus

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

Otunga On The Way Out? Five Possible Replacements For The Nexus

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    As we have all seen, David Otunga is on the rocks with Nexus leader Wade Barrett. It seems as if very soon he shall be out of Nexus. The Nexus has been down a few people lately but added Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

    If Otunga does leave or get kicked out, then it would seem that there should be another person added to it.

    I found five guys that I feel really could be a part of the Nexus.

Skip Sheffield

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    Yes he is still in the Nexus, but is out due to injury.

    I could see him coming back to replace Otunga as the "big guy" in the Nexus.

    This could also make for a good match between Otunga and Sheffield.

Michael Tarver

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    Again, we have another member of the Nexus.

    I never actually liked this guy because of the bandit mask, which made no sense, and I just never really understood why he was in it in the first place.

    He is out with an injury but could come back when he recovers.

    The only problem with him is, if you remember, Wade Barrett told John Cena after Cena went to town on him after their tag-team match, that he was looking to get rid of Tarver for a while.

    I am not really sure is this was true, but Tarver did play a decent part of the Nexus. 

Chris Masters

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    First, I have got to say, damn this guy is huge.

    This move makes the most sense to me.

    Not only does he bring a powerhouse of a guy to the group, he could bring the one thing they lack.

    A submission move.

    The Masterlock could be so effective in the Nexus. Not only would this make their "attacks" seem more disastrous, but it could give Masters something to do instead of appearing once in a while on Smackdown.

    This move could be very beneficial for both sides.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    So as you may have noticed so far, all of these guys are huge.

    Jackson appeals to me for the Nexus because of size and the fact that he is new.

    He just re-joined Raw, and since Bragging Rights, this could also put him into a storyline.


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    I could see Kaval being a member of Nexus because of the moveset he has.

    There is not that kind of wrestler in the Nexus and adding him could throw more interest into the Nexus.

    Kaval was also a member of last season's NXT and won the contest.