Tim Tebow the Answer To the Denver Broncos' Problems?

Patrick HallContributor IOctober 29, 2010

Tim Tebow has shown he can be effective in the Wildcat, now we want to see more!
Tim Tebow has shown he can be effective in the Wildcat, now we want to see more!Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There is a lot of finger pointing that goes on after a big loss in the NFL, especially when that loss is to your hated rival...at home...by 45 points. 

Not much went right this past Sunday for the Denver Broncos and I was there firsthand to watch one of the worst losses in Broncos history. 

Denver started off promisingly on defense, forcing Oakland into a third and long.  It was all down hill from there, Jason Campbell connected on a deep bomb to a wide-open Zach Miller. 

Then Kyle Orton threw a pick-six to Chris Johnson.  Then Demaryius Thomas fumbled giving Oakland the ball on the Denver 20.  In less time than it takes to save 15 percent on car insurance, Denver was down 28-0. 

This loss has Broncos fans grasping for any straw they can, trying to place blame wherever possible and looking for any sort of glimmer of hope this season may have left.  Most Denver fans are calling for Josh McDaniels' head. 

If McDaniels is fired it will not be until the end of the year, but the majority of Broncos fans have wanted him gone since his tumultuous first few months as Broncos head coach. 

McDaniels made waves when he shopped then-QB Jay Cutler and eventually traded him for Kyle Orton and two first-round picks. 

This trade has seemingly worked in Denver's favor thus far, as Orton has performed better than Cutler in almost every aspect of the game.  However, McDaniels burned bridges early and has been under intense scrutiny ever since.

Seeing that firing McDaniels will not likely happen during the season, Denver faithful must look to other more realistic ways of improving this football immediately and for the future. 

Denver drafted Florida QB and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow this past April and have used him very sparingly throughout this 2010 regular season. 

Denver has implemented a formation specifically for Tebow that led to Tim's first NFL Touchdown two weeks ago against the Jets.

Many fans have begun clamoring for McDaniels to sit Orton and start Tebow.  This is a bit of a rash decision, especially considering the year Orton is having. 

However, I do think the rest of this season will provide a great opportunity for the rookie QB to get some much-needed game reps while helping the Broncos win a few games.

Denver needs to start using their wildcat formation with more frequency and more variation.  Get Tebow in the game more, confuse the defense and give a much needed boost to the Broncos incredibly poor running game. 

Begin letting Tebow throw out of this formation.  McDaniels has gone on record saying they will need to throw out of the wildcat to keep defenses honest; well, let's see it.

For the most part, Orton has played well so far, but he has had to carry the team on his shoulders.  Let Tebow and the wildcat formation alleviate some of that burden on Orton and create some big-play opportunities both on the ground and through the air.

Denver is in dire need of some changes to be made, but sitting Orton and starting Tebow is not the right move at this time. 

The best thing for both the team and the players is to let Orton continue as starter, but begin using Tebow more frequently in the Wildcat formation. 

Let Tim pass the ball, run the ball and set up mismatches with the defense both in the run game and the passing game. 

At this point in the year what the Broncos have been doing is not getting the job done, time to let the playmakers on this team make some plays and not just stand on the sideline.