10 Noticeable Things In The Giants-Jets Game

Kevin MooreCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

The season is practically upon us. Football lovers in the metro area can taste the season when the annual meadowlands, or should I say, Giants stadium rivalry game comes.  This contest, especially in those bleak years,(Does Ritchie Kotite or Ray Handley ring a bell?)was the highlight of the season.

But one highlight many loyal big blue fans would like to forget occurred in 1998.  When , G-men corner Jason Sehorn severely injured his knee. Since then, I approach this game at a safe distance. For years, almost watching the game through two fingers covering my eyes, hoping that after every play all participants get up and are healthy. I had reached the point where I'd could begin to appreciate this exhibition, at least I thought(thanks a lot Osi).

While cautiously watching this game I did notice some things from both teams. Some good others not so, good.  As a result I composed this short list of 10 observations(note to readers please feel free to add or subtract)  

1) Domenik Hixon is going to be special. In back to back games he has proved his ability.

2) Illegal formation on offense is a penalty that will be called. I'm pretty sure the refs got iced down after this game. I hope no one hurts their rotator cuff, with the amount of flags being thrown.

3)David Carr loves getting sacked. That is the only way to explain why he never calls hot routes, holds the ball for 80 seconds and slides towards the blitz.

4) Mario Manningham  has potential. Is there enough room for him to see significant playing time?

5) Kellen Clemens has a rocket for an arm.  Unfortunately for him, Bret Favre is gonna start, and when he finally retires, Ratliff may be more poised for the job.

6)Jets offensive line was impressive.  They were tested by a great pass rush and performed well minus the penalties(See#2) Even with this line, I was not impressed with there running attack. Chatman showed a little life but he is not going to be the featured back.

7)Both teams have very good, aggressive defensives.  Giants have me worried with there susceptibility to the screen.

8)Jericho Cotchery will have a break out year. Conversly, there may be a little concern for the Giants secondary. They got burned on a couple of plays that were called back(see#2)

9) Kenny Philips has great instincts. He also can lay the wood.

10) If Favre stays healthy(that is a big "if" because he is on the Madden Cover) Dustin Keller will have a big year. What Line Backer is going to stay with him?

When the Giants and Jets go head to head I'm often fascinated. Mainly because the third preseason game is the closet fans come to seeing their team play with its best players for the longest period of time. Also, who doesn't enjoy seeing one team take bragging rights over the other. But to be honest, I often wonder how a die hard J-E-T-S fan feels about winning a game at GIANTS Stadium.  It must be some what perplexing.