HHH Vs. HBK: Rivarly of The Decade?!?!?!?!

James TurnerCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

    Arguably, the best stable to grace the wrestling ring. Thats what many wrestling fans feel. Truthfully, I give NWO the greatest stable. But HHH/HBK/New Age Outlaws/X-Pac would be a nice survivor series match against Hogan/Outsiders/Giant/Savage. Or maybe even a Fall Brawl, War Games matchup, where they are fighting inside of the double ring cage. Too bad a match like that would never happen. But its always good to dream at least.

    Now let's talk about the two stars who really did help revolutionize the WWE. Shawn Michaels has been revolutionizing the WWE for 20 years plus. So in all matters, Triple H really has nothing on HBK. And HHH needed that rub from HBK when they form DX. Because I couldn't stand Hunter Hearns Hemsley. I haven't heard anyone say that name in so long I think I spelt the middle one correct. HHH really didn't show how much he had evolved until he took over leader of De-Generation X. Right there was the start to what would become a major big time rivalry to remember. Shawn Michaels would return as commissioner. Pretty much was screwing DX over while siding with the Nation of Demonation when The Rock was leading that stable, which was also a decent stable. HBK would leave and come back. Hurt HHH, then would have his back against The Rock on Smackdown's first episode I think it was. That was when HHH was about to lose with the people's elbow and HBK hit Rock with a massive Sweet Chin Music. That was a little taste of DX reuniting for one night. These two rivalry really start taking effect once Shawn Michaels came back to the WWE to join the NWO. Which I felt would have been a decent WWE run if Kevin Nash didn't get injured. Hogan should have stuck with the NWO during that WWE run but his ego took over as usual. Enough with the NWO, HHH joins HBK in their DX reunion, or so we thought the next night on Raw. Triple H would then hit the Pedigree on Shawn Michaels and that would spark a rivalry that almost went about two years.

    They battle at Summerslam 2002. HBK won but HHH put him back on the shelf for a few months with a few sledgehammers to Michael's injured back. HBK returns in the first ever Elimination Chamber to win his fourth WWE title. Only to lose it a month later against HHH at Armagedon in Three Stages of Hell. They then fight in a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble which ended in a tie. Chris Benoit wins the rumble and beats them both at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match. Then, they just couldn't get their hands off each other they fight in a Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood 2004. Then, they finished their battles with one another with HBK won clean over HHH in the troops to Iraq show.

    Then, when you think they couldn't surprise us again with anything that had to do with them two, they put aside their differences and reunite DX. They teased it and they teased it and finally it happen. They reform one of the greatest stables in wrestling history, once again behind the NWO. Maybe even the 4 Horsemen. Nonetheless, they come back together again and they are back with full force. They started tearing up the Raw brand. They had a great rivalry with Rated RKO which really help propel Edge even more. DX run unfortunately came to an end at New Year's Resolution when Triple H injured his quad and they had to improv the finish, which was a classic moment. It showed HHH & HBK really taking it to Randy Orton & Edge, ending with a classic HBK dive off the top rope onto the announce table on Orton. They hugged as they knew it would be the end of DeGeneration X.

    Now when you have a story like that that takes four paragraphs, that tells you its a lot to this rivalry. I'm not sure if this can really be the fued of the decade because there were many rivalries that can compete with this rivalry. Edge/Cena  Rock/HHH/ Edge/Undertaker  Y2J/HHH/  Styles/Angle  Austin/Rock  Angle/Cena  Lesnar/Angle  Austin/Angle  Benoit/Angle  JBL/Cena  Austin/Angle  Rock/Y2J....These are some great rivalries. But if you look at it like this...from 2000 till now, none of these rivalries have the story that was build up for five years before it happen. With the exception of Rock/HHH HHH/Austin Austin/Rock, none of these other rivalries I just mentioned actually took place until after 2000. But these bolded rivalries had more history to it going into the Attitude Era. But the HHH/HBK rivalry didn't take place till after WWF was WWE.

    There was always the big question between who the better wrestler was. Shawn Michaels or Triple H. Many may go with Triple H because of his many World Title reigns which he has 2/3 more title reigns than Shawn Michaels. But the classic matches that HBK put on thoroughout his career are far beyond HHH's ability. HHH has had some classic battles but none like the Ironman Match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. These two have had very successful careers, together as a team and as singles. But singles was where they made their name huger than what it was.

    So when you look back and think about the rivalries that happen since 2000, think about the ones that told a story that goes beyond just wrestling. Think about how personal the rivalry may be, on and off camera. That makes for great storytelling between the two wrestlers. Think about how they had to be put in various gimmick matches just to settle their differences to the point where they put all their differences aside because they no longer have a reason to fight and they reform DX. They really have no other reason to fight till this day, unless they just wanted to see who's really on top of their game. But if you're in a rivalry and you no longer need to wrestle each other to prove anything, you can actually make a claim that a rivalry is one to remember.