College athletics might not always be just about Football

Tom S.Contributor IAugust 23, 2008

Summer's almost over, and so are vacations.  It's time to head back to work, and back to school.
And for some college students, it's not just the beginning of a new school year, but also the beginning of a new "athletics" year.
When you and I think of the fall athletic season at our local college, what do we think of first, most, exclusively?  Yup - college football.  Quick - here's a "pop quiz".  What other fall sports are there at your local college? 
Hurry, quickly, answer the question!  Can't do it very fast, can you?  Having trouble doing it at all, aren't you?  That's o.k., me too. 
And that's too bad, for everybody.  Too bad for you and I, because we may have no idea what we're missing (by name), much less what we're missing. 
These athletes can't hope to show most of us, because we won't be there!  I know what the prevailing thought is—"Hey, if it's not football, who cares?" Seriously, if you're a college sports fan,when was the last time you were interested in (much less excited about) anything besides football? 
(If you and/or your children, parents, siblings, etc. participated in any fall college sports besides football—good for you!  But your responses don't count here.  Because you already know what I'm talking about.) 
Maybe some of us could at least consider the possibility of supporting other fall sports besides football. 
Because great sports stories are NOT always written only on America's college football fields.  Quite likely, they're written on many cross country courses and soccer fields and golf courses and tennis courts and...who really knows? 
I certainly don't; I've probably got my seasons and sports pretty mixed up.  I think maybe I'll try to straighten myself out on this and go find out where else some of these wonderful fall college sports stories are sure to be written. 
I'd like to hope that a few other folks will join me.  Who knows - we all might find something else to love, in addition to college football.