Top Five Weirdest Olympic "Sports"

Israel ButsonCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

It's Top Five time again, and with the Olympics heading into the home stretch we thought we'd give you our Top Five Weirdest Olympic Sports.

There are a lot of different sporting events at the Beijing Games, and some of them are slightly odd.

Well, "slightly" is the wrong word. Really, it's debatable as to whether or not they should even be at the games.

So, here are our Top Five Weirdest Olympic Sports:


5. Synchronized Swimming

As an artistic display, it's amazing what these girls can do. But let's be honest, it's slightly bizarre, and almost humorous. It's dancing under water, right? And while we're not doubting their skill, we can't get over the fact that,'s dancing under water.

Next thing you know, there'll be ballroom dancing and possibly even break-dancing at the Olympic Games. As far as Olympic sports go, this one is just plain weird.


4. Equestrian-Dressage

This is the one where the rider makes the horse walk funny, right? It's kind of like synchronized swimming, but with a horse. And no water.

The horse struts around the field for a few minutes, lifting its legs in various, slightly awkward looking ways. Kind of like its walking on hot coals, really.

Like synchronized swimming, it probably takes an awful lot of talent from the rider. But for the spectator, it's like watching a horse walk around a paddock with pins in its feet.

Is it really a sport? We're not sure, but we're sure it's weird.


3. Handball

When we originally watched a highlights package of handball, it actually looked like a lot of fun. Then we watched an entire game.

Weird? Oh yes. There doesn't seem to be any structure to it. The players run down one end, try to throw the ball into the goal, and then run back down to defend without even bothering to try to get the ball off the opposition. It's just so (too..?) chaotic.

If anyone can explain the rules of handball to us, please do. Until then, handball's staying in the weird column.

2. Walking

At what point did walking become a sporting event? And then, even more mind-boggling, an Olympic event? And walking the way they do—you know what we mean, right?

We've never seen anyone walk that way down the street, so why do they call it walking at the Olympics? It's not walking—it's trotting, or something.

Further more, at what point does someone decide they want to be an Olympic walker? "Mum, look! I discovered I have the most amazing talent today!"

It's quite possibly the most unflattering sport out there, and indeed one of the weirdest.

1. The Trampoline

We have to put this at No. 1, purely for the fact that even having a trampoline at the Olympics is weird, let a lone people jumping on it as an event.

Trampolining is something that kids do when their parents tell them to go and play outside. Granted, the "athletes" do some pretty amazing flips (and other things, too, but we're not that familiar with the trampolining lingo). All the same, it would be better suited to a circus show than the Olympics.

Still, kids the world over can rejoice in the fact that if they fail at rugby or soccer, they can always take up bouncing on a trampoline. You never know—they might even reach the top of the athletics world.

And our Top Five Weirdest Olympic Sports list, too.


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