Who would you take? I go position by position making my picks.

Danny Devine@Devine4809Correspondent IAugust 23, 2008

Everyone knows there are many great players throughout the National Football League. There are also many players whose style of play is very similar. There are pocket passers who use there legs less for running and more for shifting and shuffling in the pocket. Also you have the duo threat running backs that can hurt you carrying the ball as well as catching it out of the back field. Wide Receivers is the position where you can have a deep threat like Randy Moss or a guy that can go short and deep like a Larry Fitzgerald. Those are many things you can look for in great players on the offensive side of the ball.

As for the defense, there are many things as well that are changing. If it’s for the better that of the game is your decision. You have you old school hard noise pass rusher like Jared Allen or Patrick Kerney. Many teams now are looking for a player with tremendous speed and power. Great example of this is the New York Giants Osi Umenyiora and the Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware. Both these guys can rush the passer with the best of them, but can also drop back into coverage to guard your tight end. This is something that in my option has made defenses better and much more fun to watch.

I am going to have a WHO WOULD YOU TAKE LIST POISTION BY POISTION. I will pick players who skills sets are very similar and would are all great players in the NFL today. I will have my pick under it as well.

·         QB-- Payton Manning or Tom Brady? Tony Romo or Carson Palmer?

Manning and Romo are my choices for this position. Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL. He always put the ball in the right spot and very rarely makes a mistake. He also makes a mean Sony commercial. Also I would go with ROMO over Palmer. I think Palmer is overrated and Romo style is fun and exciting. He is mobile in and out of the pocket and has a very accurate arm.

·         RB—LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson or Brian Westbrook.

These are the three elite back in the NFL. If you don’t think so you need to get some help. Anyone of the three would make a defensive coordinator go a-wall. If I had to pick one to take for my team I would take………….. Adrian Peterson. He to me is the football version of Albert Puljous. He is the most feared player in his sport to see of the opposing team. LT is the same way, but I just think AP is the cream of the crop. It’s ok just call me crazy.  

·         FB—Lorenzo Neal or Greg Jones.

I would pick Greg Jones. Jones has the speed and power to scare any defensive player in the league. He can block and also can catch the ball if needed.

·         WR—Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, Terrell Owens, and Braylon Edwards.

All of these guys would make any Quarterback happy, but there can only be one winner here.  My pick at the receiver position is Larry Fitzgerald. I think his game is better all around then all of these guys. He is easily the best route runner in the bunch here and also can go get it with the best of them. If I get two I would pick Braylon Edwards; he is the younger version of T.O.

·         TE—Jason Witten, Kelvin Winslow, Dallas Clark, and Antonio Gates.

All of these guys have great hands and tremendous speed for a tight end. The main thing that deciced this for me was blocking. In the NFL you must be able to block to be a tight end. I will go with Jason Witten. He is a beast and can block many defensive ends in football right now.

·         OT—Joe Thomas, Walter Jones, Flozell Adams, and Matt Light.

I think Matt light is good, but gets all the pub because he is block for QGQ himself in Tom Brady. If this was an eating contest it would be a lock for Flozell Adams. For me it’s going to be Walter Jones. This guy is a rock. He is what every team wants to have at the tackle position.

·         OG—Chad Hutchinson.

I personal don’t think this is a contest. This guy is a brick wall and no defensive tackle is safe. I think I couldn’t run for a 1,000 behind this guy. Its also weird that where ever he goes the best running game goes as well.

·         C—Jeff Saturday, Olin Kreutz, and Nick Mangold.

I was really leaning towards Nick Mangold, but I am going to go with Jeff Saturday. He probably has the best beard in the NFL. He also has to know and remember all of Manning’s audible’s he calls every damn play.  

·         DE—Osi Umenyiora, Jared Allan, Jason Taylor, and Dwight Freeney.

This one is very tuff. Osi and Freeney are game changing players and the hearts of there defenses. I think I am going to pick Osi Umenyiora. He has the speed of a linebacker and the strength of a most linemen. He was one of the main reasons that the Giants won the super bowl last season.

·         DT—Kevin Williams, Albert Haynesworth, and Tommy Harris

Even though Kevin Williams is a great player and would be most people’s choice. I think Tommy Harris is the best interior linemen in football. Harris has power and the awareness to know what’s going on throughout the field.

·         OLB—Ernie Sims, DeMarcus Ware, A.J. Hawk, and Shawne Merriman

This list is full of GREAT athletics. Ware runs like a half back and hits like Dick Butkus. Hawk is the same way with the sideline to sideline speed no one can match. Ernie Sims is a linebacker that can do it all. Drop back in coverage and also take your running out in one hit. Merriman is a sack machine, but lacks the ability to play the pass. I will take Ernie Sims. If he didn’t play in Detroit he would be more of a house hold name.

·         MLB—Patrick Willis, Brian Urlacher, Lofa Tatupu, and Mike Peterson.

WOW! How would you like to be running and look up and have one of these guys charging at you? It’s a no brainer that Patrick Willis will be my choice. He is a scary man and everything you could ask a player to be. I think he’ll go down as a top linebacker in the history of the NFL.

·         CB—Champ Bailey, Rashean Mathis, Antonio Cromartie, and Marcus Trufant.

All of these guys go against the best of the best every week in the NFL. Champ Bailey would win this easily a couple years ago, but this is no then. I think Cromartie is not a good tackler, but is great in coverage. I think best all around is Rashean Mathis. He is the best all around corner in football. (if you bring up DeAngelo Hall, you don’t deserve to be reading this.)

·         S—Bob Sanderson, Ed Reed, Jermaine Phillips, and Brian Dawkins.

Big time hitters here in the safety slot. I think Bob Sanders is the most important and best safety in football. He is the Colts defense and helps them be a great run D instead of a horrible run D. Bob Sanders is my choice.


Well all in all those are my choices for players who are great and have similar styles. I think that they are good and I have solid reason why I picked them.