Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

According to the African post , there are reports stating that , Mats Sundin is thinking of moving to Africa to start his own tree hockey league .  After a short trip there , the 17 year NHL vet said  " that he loves all the little creatures that run around on the ground and live there and like the way things have been with the NHL , he don't think communicating there will be an issue and that he should feel right at home with the rest of the rodents there.  

Wow , what is this , Sundin mania here . There are like 5 articles out there on him just on the Rangers page alone , ALL ON DIFFERENT RUMORS . I am sure some people might take this as an attack BUT it is not . And really i don't care what you think , and the last article just made up my mind to write this one.  But lets be serious , do we need another article on Sundin .  I'm just saying what every one else that hasn't written an article on him is thinking and saying to them selves.  Hey , like i said in my other articles I'm gonna giving it to you straight up . You wont get any BS here .

Sure I know what your thinking . If I don’t like it then don’t read it . Well as a fan of some writers , I do give the respect to read all your articles , regardless of who or what it is about .  But i will entertain , and give the break down on this issue as i did to a few others ,  With hopes it will stop the non- sense !

So lets get down to business ! The Rangers are not going to  give up Chris Drury or Scott Gomez for Sundin . If they did , it would be the stupidest move in the history of the NHL . Not saying the guys in Rangers office are that bright to see this. But I think there is one guy in that office with half a brain to see that Sundin for one year , isn’t worth losing a guy like Gomez or Drury or Zherdev or 3/4 of the Rangers roster that has multi year contracts . I Not saying the Rangers couldn’t use a center man of his caliber , what team  couldn't . But at what price . And for one year , and not even knowing what your really gonna get from him , is so not worth it .  Bottom line , hes not really all that good .

Seventeen years in the league . Never had a 50 goal year . Scored  more then 40 gaols a season 3 times .  more then 35 goal , 4 times . So whats the big deal on a guy going on 38 years of age  looking for one more year . shoot , bring me back Shannahan .  I definitely know what they are gonna get from him and we know where he wants to play . I'll take Shannys'  slap shot from the point over Sundin any day . 

So cross out the top Ranger players, there not going any where just yet . And lets see who we would like to get rid of . Right off the bat my favorite player Blair Betts . hes gone. but that wont be enough to clear the cap.  so that wont happen. Naslund can go, but Renney loves the guy so that wont happen , and Naslund  alone wouldn't clear the 5 million cap for Sundin. Betts and Naslund both gone , hmmm ,that still don't clear the cap for him . that is just 2 players that can go , one middle player , one bottom player . But still wouldn't be enough. Get the point . it is not happening !

After all , the Rangers went that route like ten times in the past , and always came up with nothing . Big name players , big time scorers , at the end of there careers . Until they come to New York ! Where they turn into a big nothing and Sundin will be no exception .  Especially when you have a ton of younger guys not only on their NHL roster already , but also in Hartford with tons of potential . The way this off season went it is obvious they are looking to go young , faster and stronger. Singing him would be a step backwards.

Last season Sundin didn’t want to give up his no trade Claus. . I mean why would he want to go back to a team that was looking to trade him . That is for starters . Second , Rangers have no cap room , which means they would have to get rid of something like 4 or 5 bottom guys to sign him . So that wont happen . I mean really ,  come to your senses , its not happening , and thank GOD for that . Thats all we need is another Jagr situation , that leads to scoreless games .

Why wont he just sign with a team if that is his plan or say good bye already , it don’t take this long to make up your mind on anything ! Hes already rich and played 17 years in the NHL .  Either you wanna play or you don't bottom line to that .

From what I read in another article , Montreal gave him a very good offer that he refused . Weather this is true or not , I  don't know , I didn’t even take the time to look it up , cause really , I don’t care . But if that is true , then Sundin is as dumb as they come and full of it as well . Montreal singed Alex Tangue and Georges Laraque . Improving their already extremely - good scoring and defensive lines . Montreal is most definitely a cup contender {which is what he said he wanted } . With a young and up coming star goalie that definitely has what it takes to be in the NHL . And this year Price will only be even better. This team is a major threat this season .  And Sundin could have stayed in Canada if he really loved it there as much as he claimed he did .

Apparently ,this guy is full of it . Don't even know why anyone would give him the time to write an article about him . He said he wanted a cup .Well Montreal is right there in line for it . Said he wanted to stay in Canada , well , where is Montreal again ?  Sundin has his head up his you know what , as well as being high on him self and is looking to make this grandee entrance , roll out the red carpet , set off the fireworks and sign with someone as late as he can or he will just retire . Either way , I don’t care . His retirement will be as quiet as 1000s of other players who said fair well to the NHL before him . And I for one will be happy that I wont have to read any more about him . After about 2 weeks  of his retirement , figure all the article that will come out about it by people who just have nothing better to write about. So if he retires look for something like 15 articles about his retirement . My prediction . So fair well Sundin and good riddance .

So please , no more article on Sundin until he either signs or retires .  The Rangers are not going to get him unless he comes for practically no money . I am sure their will be ten more rumors on who he might sign with or who will be traded for him. That don’t mean we have to write about everyone of them .  Trust me , there are more people that don't care what he does or where he goes then there are people that do . Never mind  the endless amount of Ranger fans that don't even wont him , myself included ! Enough is enough on Sundin .