The Great Bleacher Report Olympic Quiz!

Barney CorkhillSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2008

Welcome to a brand new, multi-sports series from Barney Corkhill! In this series I will present a number of quizzes in order to identify the most knowledgeable Bleacher Report member.

Writers and readers argue until they're blue in the face for what they think is right. If someone disagrees they will provide fact after fact to prove their argument. Well, now we can find out how much you really know!

In an attempt to prevent people from seeing other participants' answers and then copying them, you can send your answers to Please give your name, preferably the quiz questions and, obviously, the quiz answers.

The voting closes at midnight on Friday, and the answers and winners will be announced along with the next week's questions on Saturday.

And please, don't scour the Internet looking for the answers in order to get full marks, it's really not that important.

This is a one-off special Olympic quiz, due to the Olympics finishing tomorrow. And now, without further ado, let's have the questions!


1. K1 and K2 are both categories in which event?

2. Michael Phelps beat whose record of golds in one Olympics?

3. Which venue hosted the first ever Olympic Games in 776 BC?

4. In the 1996 Olympics, how many world records did Michael Johnson break?

5. Who was the first man to successfully defend a 100m Olympic title on the track?

6. Which country does sprint sensation Usain Bolt represent?

7. What is the Olympic motto?

8. How many medals has Michael Phelps won in his Olympic career?

9. By 2012, how many Olympic games will have been held in London?

10. In what year did Cassius Clay win gold in Olympic boxing?


There you have your 10 questions. Let the search for the most knowledgeable mind on Bleacher Report begin!