The Great Bleacher Report Cricket Quiz

Barney CorkhillSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2008

Welcome to a brand new, multi-sports series from Barney Corkhill! In this series I will present a series of quizzes to find the most knowledgeable Bleacher Report member.

Writers and readers argue until they're blue in the face for what they think is right. If someone disagrees, they will beat out fact after fact to prove their argument. Well, now we can find out how much you really know!

In an attempt to prevent people seeing other peoples answers and then copying them, you can send your answers to Please give your name and, obviously, the quiz answers.

The voting closes at midnight on Friday, and the answers and winners will be announced along with the next week's questions on Saturday.

And please, don't scrawl the Internet looking for the answers in order to get full marks—it's really not that important.

Anyway, without further adieu, lets have the questions for the first week of the Cricket Quiz!

1. Who did Kevin Pietersen replace as captain of England’s one-day side?

2. How many runs comprise a “Double Nelson”?

3. What is the highest international test score ever posted by an individual?

4. Who was that individual?

5. In what year were The Ashes known as “Bothams Ashes”?

6. In what year did Geoffrey Boycott record his 100th First-Class century—1975, 1977 or 1980?

7. Which cricket legend ended his career with a Test batting average of 99.94?

8. Which is the only Welsh county to boast a first-class county cricket team?

9. In WG Grace, what does the W stand for?

10. Who, in 1968, became the first person to hit six sixes off one over?

There you have the first 10 questions! Let the search for the most knowledgeable mind on Bleacher Report begin!