Meet Western Kentucky's Big Red

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistOctober 27, 2010

Known for being an international superstar, Big Red has risen to fame despite being just over 30 years old.  The faithful protector of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers has become a staple of the Capital One Mascot Challenge, and is poised for another run at the title.

Meet Big Red

Big Red was born in 1979, the pride and joy of WKU student Ralph Carey.  From an early age, it was obvious that this was a mascot destined for greatness.  In his first year, Big Red won the “Key to Spirit Award” presented by the Universal Cheerleading Association to the most influential mascot.  Since then, he has stockpiled dozens of awards in his pouch, building pride and enthusiasm among Hilltopper fans.

Big Red’s Experience

Appearances on national television have made Big Red an icon nationwide, and he has witnessed plenty of thrilling moments in Hilltopper history—from college football to March Madness.

Big Red’s Leadership Abilities

Anyone who has spent as much time in the spotlight as Big Red is certainly comfortable in a leadership role.  He has a calm, trusting demeanor and hasn’t let the fame and fortune go to his head.  Big Red is the perfect role model for folks to look up to.

What Distinguishes Big Red From the Rest?

Unlike many of his counterparts, Big Red has no place in the animal kingdom.  He is a blob of carefully assembled furry matter, able to survive in almost any climate.  Since he has no known predators, Big Red is able to devote his time to expanding his marketability on a global level while promoting WKU athletics.  Given the dozens of attempts at parody, it’s safe to say the self-promotional campaign has been a success.

Big Red’s Campaign Promises

If he is named the winner of the Capital One Mascot Challenge, Big Red promises to return the millions of items he has stashed inside his pouch throughout the years.  He also promises to found a center to help mascots get a full education, as well as to prepare them for the increased media attention that accompanies being a top-tier mascot.

Big Red: Back and better than ever.