What Has Shockey Done?

russ autinCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

  what is it? i don't know. if a player goes out and put up "bavaro" type numbers in new york, seems he would get his props. when a guy preforms at that level ,wow, that's something. but noooo! (say it like john belushi) "he' a trouble maker in the locker room", "he's selfish", that's what i hear out of the new york press ."he won't block", "he just want's to catch passes", etc.... however if you listen to the players, they paint a different picture. they say stuff like, "he's been a great teammate", "we are gonna miss him", words like, "toughness", "fighter", "great blocker", are common in these statements . where is the truth, who should we believe, the men in the locker room, the people whom make money off of controversy. i would go with the players.

  maybe it is the press, they seem to go from one extreme to the next. case in point, eli manning, before the now legendary late season run, he was lambasted as slow( mentally), not a true leader, wasted draft pick. now he's joe montana reincarnate. this extreme swing is common in the new york press. now it's not all their fault, the fans are complicit in this matter. the new york fans are so full of them selves, they can't fathom, a player wanting to leave new york. so they have make up things to justify shockey's departing. "we are better off with out him", "he's locker room cancer", etc... i would like to believe if a guy goes out and breaks his leg trying to make a play for my team we would show him the respect he deserves, but not new yorkers those ingrates want more (maybe his first born). now i'm sure of one thing dallas, washington, and philly don't mind him being gone. new york's tight end's coach was almost crying when i saw him on tv.

  now the biggest idiot's of them all is the front office, they miss-handled this from the start (but won't admit it ). they should have traded him before the draft, when they could have gotten a first round pick, the saints offered them the 40th pick plus a 5th round. they could have easily packaged those picks with one or two of their lower picks to trade into the mid 20's of the first round yet i haven't read any stories about this bonehead move. i wonder why?

  in closing i would like to thank the new york fans, press, and exspecialy the giants front office for allowing us(the saints)to not only get a outstanding tight end, but also a promising corner back with our 2nd round pick. remember it was the 40th (that's almost first round ,ya'll). the saints second round pick should be much higher next year, making it less valuable, thank you very much.