Los Angeles Clippers + Gilbert Arenas = Playoffs

Tony LeeContributor IIIOctober 27, 2010

Gilbert Areans in Los Angeles will end in a Hollywood ending of the Clippers making the playoffs.
Gilbert Areans in Los Angeles will end in a Hollywood ending of the Clippers making the playoffs.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Blake Griffin toyed around with NBA veterans during the preseason and Eric Gordon looked worthy of wearing the USA jersey over the summer.

The rest of the Los Angeles Clippers' starting lineup of Baron Davis, Rasual Butler and Chris Kaman looks like they could win over 50 games and make the playoffs.

But then you realize that for them to even match last year's 29-win total, the starting five may need to play 40 minutes each, because the Clippers bench might be the NBA's worst.

The Clippers drafted small forward Al-Farouq Aminu at No. 8 in the 2010 NBA Draft and traded for its point-guard-of-the-future Eric Bledsoe to add some much-needed depth.

But Aminu averaged a meager 7.9 points per game (PPG) shooting at 37.9 percent over the preseason. Bledsoe and his 2 PPG on 11.4 percent looked awful. The only players that looked decent on the bench were Brian Cook, Randy Foye and DeAndre Jordan.

None of those guys could even muster 10 PPG. In the preseason. 

But think about this: Gilbert Arenas in the red and blue.

Sure he has, um, issues, and probably never score 30 PPG again, but Agent Zero still can score at will. All the Clippers need is literally anyone that can score over 10 PPG off the bench. 

Not only that, Griffin is recovering from a season-ending knee injury he suffered last preseason. Injury-prone Davis, according to Seattle Post Intelligencer's Shawn Clarke, is bothered by both knee and calf injuries already.

Imagine if one of those guys—or any of the starters for that matter—goes down. I can't see the Clippers exceeding last year's 29-win total without an injury-free season.

The Clippers have some depth, but do not have a sixth man that can score. Plus, if the 31-year-old Davis goes down, who is going to run that offense?

You don't want to rush Bledsoe's development, Foye isn't a pure point guard and rookie Willie Warren is miles away from getting consistent playing time. Arenas could even play shooting guard to back up Gordon, too. 

Bring Agent Zero back to the Sunshine State. Maybe that happy-go-lucky, funny guy can revive the Clippers' historically dreadful, losing culture.