Mets All Time Pitching Rotation

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 23, 2008

Mets all time starting rotation


1. Tom Seaver- Look at the stats lets go with the first 7 yr of seaver career figuring these are his prime years. In addition, we will take the 3 best era’s in that 7yr span.


Gooden                                                     Seaver

W- 119                                                      135

L - 46                                                        76

ERA- 1.53, 2.60, 2.84                               1.76, 2.08, 2.20

SO – 1,301                                                1,755


As you can see the numbers are very close and its very debatable gooden had the natural talent and explosiveness while seaver was consistent and a straight work horse eating up innings.seaver ended up with 198 wins and 124 losses,2,541 strikeouts and a unbelievable 2.57 era in his career with the Mets.


2. Dwight Gooden- spent 11 seasons with the Mets the first 8 were great but after that, the drug abuse took over and reflected in the numbers. Still besides seaver, no one who ever wore a Mets uniform can touch his numbers as a met. He ended up with 157 wins and 85 losses, 1,875 strikeouts and a 3.10 era in his Mets career.


3. Ron Darling- darling had a good career with the Mets ending up with 99 wins and 70 losses with 1,148 strikeouts and a 3.50 era with the New York Mets. He won a World Series with the Mets and was 1-1 with a 1.53 era and 12 strikeouts in that World Series.


4. Sid Fernandez- Fernandez and the 4th choice are very close in victories but what stands them apart is there performance under pressure. Fernandez pitched in 3 games in the 86 World Series and has a 1.35 era, 10 strikeouts and a ring to show for it. He ended his Mets career with 98 wins 78 losses and a 3.10 era with 1,449 strikeouts.


5. David Cone- cone had 81 wins and 51 losses in his career with the Mets he also ended with a 3.13 era and 1,172 strikeouts. However, the reason I put Fernandez above was that in the 88 championship against the dodgers cone went 1-1 with a 4.50 era allowing 6earned runs in 12 innings pitched. Fernandez pitched worse in that series but Fernandez also helped bring a ring to the Mets.


Honorable mentions


Al Leiter- 95 wins, 67 losses, 1,106 strikeouts, 3.42 era

Rick Reed- 59 wins, 36 losses 590 strikeouts, 3.66 era, never had a losing record with Mets

Jerry koosman- 140 wins, 137 losses, 1,799 strikeouts, 3.09 era

Bobby Jones- 74 wins, 56 losses, 714 strikeouts, 4.13 era. Played on terrible Mets teams


Worst Mets pitcher ever:


Anthony Young- 5 wins, 35 losses, 3.82 era, 146 strikeouts

Played on terrible Mets teams but come on!