10 Men,2 Matches, 1 Ring, 20 Minutes...Who Can Survive

Brian WinkerContributor IAugust 23, 2008

Well its no Shock to the WWE Universe that at Unforgiven we're gonna see 2 Championship Scrambles...for the World Title: CM Punk defending against JBL, John Cena, Batista, & Kane whereas for the WWE Title We're gonna see Triple H defending against Jeff Hardy, MVP, The Brian Kendrick & Shelton Benjamin. Now a lot of people are like 'Why the Hell is Kendrick in it...he doesn't deserve anything he's garbage..he'll never be shawn Micheals' Now although i agree he will never be Shawn Micheals...i believe with his work Ethic he can become a star in this Business and that is what everyone strives for in this business. Now MVP i think is ready for a short reign as WWE Champion...He's a very good heel on Smackdown and can get the fans to love him and to hate him...So I think he's ready for a reign similar to that of Randy Orton in 2004...Hold it till the Next PPV and then lose it...See how it goes and if You like what you see then have him go for it again. Now the last 2 men don't need any explanation...Triple H has done it all in this Industry..He's Held 12 World Titles...He's made fans hate his guts and made fans love him...He molded to future world Champions in Randy Orton & Batista but every good reign must come to an end and i believe the man to do that is The Rainbow Haired Warrior: Jeff Hardy...Now after his Drug Problems and his Suspension i Think he realized he's on his last strike...if he's caught again he's done..but i think he is Finally goin to realize his Dream of becoming WWE Champion at Unforgiven. Now Turning to the World Heavyweight Title Scramble...Now this match is interesting for me as i'm not a huge fan of any of the challengers..I am however a big fan of CM Punk as i adhere to the Straight Edge Lifestyle...But in My Opinion JBL needs to lose a couple pounds and get back into the shape he was in when he was WWE Champion on Smackdown...Now onto Batista...He's a great World Champion and Probably my second choice to win it...but I feel his mic skills are lacking and he always does the same thing while he wrestles...the same as John Cena...He had some great reigns..i just believe they were too long and people got sick of him, myself included, And now onto Kane...I really don't know why he is in this match...He is very good at his character but it seems like he's in this match to make something more for him...such as another feud...i believe that Kane will go for the pin in this match and then be stopped by a pissed off Rey Mysterio..starting a feud between them...So All in all i believe that CM Punk will retain and maybe hold the title until Randy Orton comes back..as he is by far the #1 Heel on Raw Right Now...Now I also believe that the Raw Championship scramble has Stacked their's with the top Superstars right now while Smackdown took another approach and put 3 Midcarders and 2 main eventers in to give their younger Generation a push...which i think is a good idea...Now We'll have to wait and See at Unforgiven to see Who is Champion after the 20 Minutes Until Then we'll have to see what Other Matches are made for Unforgiven...Thanks For Reading and Long Live the WWE Universe


Brian Winker-WWE Universe Fan