What Brand Should Gail Kim Go To?

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What Brand Should Gail Kim Go To?

In TNA Gail Kim was the centerpiece of their successful women's division—a solid performer that made the other knockouts around her more entertaining. It's no doubt that this is a huge acquisition for the WWE.

I'm not going to go into how it will hurt TNA, as all they can do is move forward and continue to build off what they have. They do have Taylor Wilde as champ, and with Kim gone, her role and need to be a star just increased.

Now the trick with WWE is how can Kim be used most effectively. Some people say that she can go over to Smackdown and contend for the Divas championship as a face. No doubt that she would be a good asset to have there, but her usage could be more effective on Raw.

When talking about how a certain wrestler will play into a division, you have to look at the roster as a whole.

The Raw face divas include: Mickie James and Kelly Kelly right now. Of course, there's Candice and Melina, and potentially Layla (who hasn't commited to being a heel or face since being drafted to Raw), but they aren't on the active roster.

Layla is taking a bit of time off, Candice was gone before the draft and could be moved over to Smackdown, and Melina was injured on the draft show. They could potentially not reappear on Raw.

Raw's heel's include Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, and Katie Lea. Three solid in-ring workers.

Smackdown, on the other end, includes Michelle and Maria as faces, and Natayla, Victoria, and Maryse as heels.

The WWE is looking content on pushing Michelle as the top face diva on Tuesday nights. Plus, it's a division that is fairly new, considering they just got the belt. Candice Michelle has been advertised on making appearances with the Smackdown roster, so it could be an indication that she will be moving over there.

Now, in a mode of seriousness, looking at the Divas belt—who really takes that thing serious? The belt right now has no credibility. It's a pretty belt, but the focus isn't really on the wrestling for it. It's just there to have a belt on both brands.

Given some time it may build up prestige, but that will come from defenses and feuds from the divas already there.

Right now Gail Kim's name is hot. Wrestling fans know what she did in TNA. WWE will never acknowledge it, but they know it. Her momentum should be brought over to the "A" show.

With Raw only having one credible face diva, Kim and Mickie will be able to alternate roles as the No. 1 face. She can instantly make a splash on the division, and it will appear to strengthen.

When you strengthen your division on the flagship show, it makes the division as a whole look stronger.

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