John Cena: You Can't See Me...Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2010

This article started of as a response to Deal Real’s recent article entitled “WWE Golden Boy John Cena: It’s All about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect”

While reading that article, I felt that the writer never looked at both sides of the story. He was so Pro Cena that his mind became clouded, tarnished and one-sided to a man who everyone regards as an indestructible force of nature.

However, I felt that his points were too narrow, whereas instead of calling out Cena’s haters in every paragraph, he should have elaborated a bit more as to why he feels Cena is so good in each aspect. This article will not be bashing Cena or the writer; it will be more of a different outlook from another fan's perspective.

Back in 2003, when Cena first debut his new gimmick to the WWE Universe, we were outraged, shocked and a little bemused—were we in the making of a new Vanilla Ice? He was booed by everyone and hated by anyone. However, this was perhaps his most promising year in the industry he had memorable feuds with the likes of Taker, Lesnar and Angle. He was the perfect heel in many ways, very cocky, arrogant and hot tempered.

Like many gimmicks, this started to run thin; it lacked the excitement and finesse it used to once bring to our TVs. However, we were patient and willing to wait to see how the Cena character would manifest into one of the greatest beings in the wrestling world.

Unfortunately, to our dismay, it never happened. We have seen the same old song and dance for seven years. He brought nothing new to the table, yet he was still the most prized asset for the WWE.

His merchandise was a massive selling success, which many feel helped the WWE get out of the scrap they found themselves in. Therefore, before you could say Cena has just lost the championship, it was around his waist yet again. 

Now that I have discussed that, please don’t comment saying, “he sold a lot of merchandise,” etc.


Can Cena Wrestle?

Obviously, Cena can wrestle to some extent or else he would not be in this business. But how the IWC treats his moves sets it is as if he has a broader selection than Chris Jericho or Dean Malenko.  Let’s face it: he is very stagnant in the ring. He can barely equip and utilize a move on his opponent. This is a major reason as to why he is a FACE.

Faces usually play defensive when in the ring, while the heel beats them down and basically carries them through out the match. Guys like Lesnar, Angle, Benoit, Jericho and others were all primarily heels in their careers largely due to the fact that they could carry their opponent in the match.

In several interviews, fellow wrestlers have said themselves that Cena is terrible in the ring. Here are two interviews from HHH and Angle. If Angle says it, then you, me, I Am D and everyone else has to except this fact.


Should we blame the Creative Team?

This is depends on how you want to look at it. However, I feel that if you want to blame the creative team for making Cena into the man everyone hates. Then you have to realize that if not for the creative team, then Cena would be the one under Jack Swagger’s mascot suit.

It’s the Butterfly Effect: if not for some stuff he had to do then things would have turned out differently.

Look at Cena, the WWE brought him in when guys like Angle, Benoit, Guerrero, Lesnar, Rock, Austin, and HBK were all big names in the WWE. When he debuted in the Ruthless Aggression era people did take notice but no one really cared, or would have expected for Cena to become the Future Face of the company.

Had there not been those guys in the business at the time then Cena would be nothing. So when Eddie passed away and guys like Angle and company left the business, they had no choice but to go with Cena as a future prospect.

That is why Wrestlers in today’s climate have a huge mountain to climb because there are hardly any big names left in the business so how do you make a name for yourself? I mean creative team is not going to have you beat Undertaker, HHH or Cena, unless you are very close friends to people in high places i.e. Sheamus.

So that’s why the company has become so stagnant and boring because one week Dolph will be feuding with Rey then the next week or week after he will be facing guy who is lower then he is in the ranking system—in some cases he will even be on the losing end.

Cena needs to take more knocks from his pedestal. Fair enough, he lost to Barrett, but come on, Cena lost in such a way that it saved him from looking weak. Yet Jericho can lose cleanly to Evan Bourne, Kane can lose easily to McIntyre. The face of the company needs to be part of the company.

You could argue that Cena has no problem losing to the younger talent, then why has it not happened yet?


Why do you like him?

Why do people like Cena? Is it because he defeats guys that others can’t?

If you recall, Hassan defeated many great superstars in the business before being broken down by the hand of Batista and Cena. Cena has defeated Hassan, Umaga and Khali, three men who were so dominant prior to their encounter with the champ yet they were beaten so easily as if they were scraps of meet been handed to a wild lion.

Wrestlers should not look at it as a reward to challenge Cena, because you will get buried, squashed then forgotten. Just ask Khali. 

Do you like him because he speaks for the business against those who have abandoned it?

Cena maybe the voice of the company; however, I don’t think that him calling out the Rock should be an incentive for you to cheer him. He only wants The Rock to come back so that his name can get bigger, and that he can create history like Hogan before him and Rogers before that.

Are you below the age of 15?

I feel that his biggest fan base is with younger audiences. Batisa and HHH have both addressed this matter.

His move set?

Five knuckle shuffles is not a move, he can barely utilize the STFU; however, his death valley driver is decent—I'll give him that.

Do you think wrestling is actually a TV show like Lost, Neighbors, Eastenders or Bold and the Beautiful, and that Cena is the Jack of the show?

I really hope you don't see Cena as a media/cultural sensation.

Lastly, do you like him because he cuts good promos?

Cena’s microphone skills are below par that even Benoit and Goldberg outshine him on this one. He is not electrifying nor is he entertaining, I rather watch Cena bury HBK then cut a promo or wait he already has.

Please let me know why you, the IWC, like him because for us haters it is very confusing. 

Well, those are the main arguments I wanted to throw out or try to understand from the IWC. While I am not arguing that Cena is a real class act, and that the person behind the wrestler is genuinely a nice guy, I just wanted to discus why we who have been branded Cena Haters dislike the Champ.

I also wanted to get some feedback as to why people who like Cena dislike guys who can actually wrestle like JOMO, Lesnar, and Nathan Jones etc. 


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