WWE: Could John Cena Turn Heel at Survivor Series?

John BetschelCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2010

Survivor Series is coming up, and the main event is going to be Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title with John Cena as the special guest referee.

However, the catch to this match is that if Wade Barrett does not win the title, John Cena will be fired from the WWE, but if Barrett wins the title, then John Cena will be relieved of all his duties with The Nexus.

Now, there have been a lot of articles and debating over the past couple months saying that John Cena is finally going to be turning heel.

Some believe it, some don't. I, for one, am not sure, but if Cena was going to be turning heel, then this match at Survivor Series would be a perfect time to do it.

Cena has been going head on with The Nexus ever since they first created their regime in the WWE, coming out and attacking John Cena and anyone else in sight.

From then on, Cena swore he would not stop until The Nexus was destroyed. He had his chance at the recent Hell In The Cell PPV, where if he beat Barrett, then Nexus would disband for good, but if Cena lost, then he would have to join the group that he oh-so-wanted to destroy.

Thanks to the interference of the two newest members of The Nexus, Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris, Cena lost and was forced to join The Nexus.

Ever since being forced to take orders from Barrett or be fired, Cena has seemed to be miserable and strikes back against The Nexus anytime he finds a loophole in Barrett’s orders.

Now, if Cena were to turn heel, this match at Survivor Series would be the perfect time, as I've already mentioned. All the pieces are in place, you could say. This is how I could see it going down.

The match begins with Barrett going for a pin every chance he gets, thinking that Cena will be giving a fast count, which, to his surprise, isn't happening. Cena is calling it right down the middle.

Then, Orton gets in control and eventually goes for a pin against Barrett, and to his surprise, Cena gives a fair count, but Barrett kicks out after two. Barrett is getting furious with Cena, reminding him that if he doesn't win, Cena will be fired.

It's getting more and more into the match, and so far, Cena has still called it right down the middle. Barrett is in control until Orton hits his dangling DDT from the second rope. Then, Orton hits that snapping side slam and gets in that state where "he hears voices in his head" as Michael Cole would say.

Orton is slithered on the ground ready to hit that RKO when, all of a sudden, all of The Nexus members come down from the back and start attacking Orton. Orton tries fighting them off when Cena jumps in and they both eventually get rid of the remaining members of Nexus.

Barrett gets up, lifts Orton up on his shoulders and hits him with Wasteland. He covers him and Cena goes down and counts one, two, and is inches away from three when Orton kicks out. Barrett can't believe it, he gets in Cena's face claiming he gave a slow count, then Cena gets back in Barrett’s face, saying the count was fair.

They waste a little bit of time going back and forth, then Barrett picks Orton up and is getting ready to deliver a second Wasteland, when Orton fights off of Barrett’s shoulders and hits him with an RKO. Orton covers Barrett and Cena counts one, two, then right before three, he stops.

Orton can't believe it, Cena smiles and kicks Orton in the gut and delivers an AA, then proceeds to pull Barrett over Orton and gives a three count, Cena then goes out and grabs the title while the rest of Nexus get back in the ring and help Barrett back to his feet.

Cena smiles at Barrett and Cena hands him the title, then they both hug. Barrett is the new WWE Champion, and people are just livid.

This is how I could see it play out at Survivor Series if they were going to turn Cena heel. Let me know what you think.