College Football 2010: The Worst Nightmare for the BCS, Week 9 Preview

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst IOctober 26, 2010

Can Utah upset TCU?
Can Utah upset TCU?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Every year it happens. That one bowl matchup that no one wants to watch. Imagine if that happened for the BCS national championship.

What would be the worst case scenario for the ESPN broadcast of the national championship?


Missouri-Michigan State?


No...the absolute worst case, most plausible scenario for the 2010-2011 BCS national championship game would be...Utah versus Boise State!

How could that happen you say?

Utah is currently 8th in the rankings, the lowest ranked remaining unbeaten. Logic dictates they will be moving up in the coming weeks. Boise State plays nobody the rest of the way.

Possible upsets this week include Oregon at USC, Auburn at Mississippi, Missouri at Nebraska, and Michigan State at Iowa. The one ingredient brewing in all these games: the higher ranked team is on the road. This much can be guaranteed; one of these undefeated teams will go down.

Auburn is feeling pretty good about themselves and Ole Miss quarterback Jeremiah Masoli is finally hitting his groove. Houston Nutt always wins one he isn't supposed to, and this could be the week.

Mizzou will be vulnerable on the road, feeling great about OU, but scared about facing a good Nebraska team. Winning in Columbia is a bit easier than winning in Lincoln.

Oregon is good and the least likely to go down, but the same cannot be said for Michigan State. Expect them to fall this week at Iowa.

For fun, let's say all four teams lose. All of a sudden, Utah vaults up to No. 4, while TCU moves up to No. 2. Boise State would be the new No. 1, for now. And of course Alabama at No. 3.

Fast forward a week, and Utah takes on TCU. Let's say for fun Utah upsets TCU, all of a sudden Alabama is No. 2 in the polls while Utah moves up to No. 3.

When will Alabama lose you ask? In a perfect storm, Auburn defeats Alabama in the Iron Bowl, then loses to the SEC Champion in the SEC title game.

All of a sudden, you have all the power conferences shut out of the title game.

What does that mean? More than likely, with the exception of the states of Idaho and Utah, the lowest watched major college football game in modern history.